Seven moisturizing essences recommended to enhance skin absorption

The culprit of the darkening of the skin is caused by the deterioration of the skin absorption caused by the change of season and the decrease of the skin's moisturizing power. Therefore, Xiaobian today brings seven recommended moisturizing essences to everyone, and it is the key to strengthen the skin's absorption.
Moisturizing Essence Moisturizing Essence Recommended Skin Absorptive Skin Dull
Recommended for moisturizing essence:
1. Estee Lauder Rich moisturizing essence 830 yuan 50ml
Suitable for all skin types All skin types can be instantly moisturized in extremely dry conditions. The skin is like a drink, which doubles the subsequent hydration effect.
2. Yue Shi style green tea seed extract water essence dew 210 yuan 80ml
Jeju Organic Green Tea Water Moisture Provides Pan-First Alcohol to Promote Cell Growth, Water Combines Betaine with Fast Moisturizing Effect Jeju Island Natural Complex (Green Tea, Citrus, Cactus, Mountain Tea, Orchid Plant) Helps Healthy Skin
3. Ganoderma lucidum vitality revitalizing essence essence honey lotion 125ML/RMB230
The true essence of water, the first essence of Ganoderma lucidum water essence extract honeydew, from the spores and cells of Ganoderma lucidum using the coagulation technology and microfiltration technology to extract Ganoderma lucidum spore polysaccharide and Ganoderma lucidum microfiltration essence. Using the breakthrough water-oil intelligence technology to form the golden ratio of Ganoderma Lucidum and Essence Oil, the dual texture of honey-like dew is perfectly blended, complementing each other and condensing in every drop of essence.
4. Chanel Camellia Moisturizing Micro Essence Lotion 810 yuan 30ml
Chanel pioneered the “Independent Microcapsule Technology” and applied it to Camellia Moisturizing Micro Essence, providing long-lasting moisturizing and intensive volumizing effects.
5. 黛珂 moisturizing beauty liquid 800 yuan 40ml
Improves skin roughness caused by dryness, moisturizes for a long time, and creates a skin that is delicate, smooth and bright.
6. Avene Live Spring Constant Moisturizing Essence 235 yuan 30ml
Suitable for water-deficient sensitive skin, Liposomes technology, prolongs the action time of live spring water, soothes anti-irritation, hydrogel, light and non-greasy.
7.DR.WU hyaluronic acid moisturizing essence 240 yuan 15ml
Exclusively created the third generation 'HYALU-COMPLEX intelligent multi-molecular hyaluronic acid' moisturizing formula, which fully activates the water-stopping mechanism of water, water and water, and stimulates 250 times of high moisturizing power.

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