Is it better to choose a cloth closet or a wooden closet in the rental room?

[ Chinese wardrobe net ] For many friends who work outside the home, it is very important to choose a suitable wardrobe, but because the residence is not fixed, the wardrobe should be considered for easy assembly and easy to carry. Is it a good wardrobe in the simple wardrobe?

Solid wood simple cloth wardrobe

Cloth wardrobe renderings

Cloth wardrobe advantage

1. Variety of styles. For those who pursue a personalized life, and even like DIY hands-on operation is the best choice.

2. Affordable price. The average simple wardrobe price is between 100-1000 yuan, which is more affordable than the overall wardrobe price of tens of thousands.

3. High space utilization. For a small square space, it can be arranged reasonably, which is warm and comfortable.

4. Good moisture resistance. Simple wardrobes generally have a distance from the ground, which can effectively prevent moisture. At the same time, the space between the compartments can also be placed on the shoes and shoe boxes. The effect is quite good for rooms with insufficient space.

Advantages of wooden wardrobes

1. Health and environmental protection: The solid wood wardrobe is superior in health and environmental protection performance because it avoids using too much adhesive.

2, durable: According to authoritative statistics, the service life of solid wood furniture is four to five times more than ordinary wood furniture;

3, beautifully styled: solid wood wardrobe can achieve some styles that can not be achieved by the wooden wardrobe, such as carving;

4, unlimited style: solid wood wardrobe is not limited by style

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