The old donkey summary Yunmengshan through Raiders

Yunmeng Mountain is known as the " Little Huangshan Mountain " in the suburbs of Beijing . It is located at the junction of Miyun District and Huairou District in Beijing . The mountain is steep, the valley is cut deep, the peaks are varied, the waterfalls are full of fluids, and the clouds are unpredictable. The trees are full of flowers and plants, and they have different views throughout the year. With convenient transportation, they are ideal for hiking through the weekend .


On the 1st through the classic route:

There are more than a dozen mountain passes around Yunmeng Mountain . Theoretically speaking, there should be more than one hundred crossing routes. Taking into account the scenery along the way, scenic tolls, crossing time, donkey strength, etc. Article 6:
(1) mountain shop / Cha-ditch - peak - Austin beam head cold - luxury - angel waterfall / Kyoto first waterfall / Tianmenshan / Black Dragon / North Shicheng;
(2) mountain shop / Cha-ditch / gate area - peak - Austin beam head cold - Long live the Young Pass - Lang valley room - Tianmenshan / North Shicheng / Taoyuan Paradise Valley / for River / water Baoziwan / White valley Road;
(3) the gate area - Crossroads - Viva Young - Lotus waterfall - the corner of the camp - home to the river - water Baoziwan; (note: not the 1st through the main peak)  
(4) and white valley / water Baoziwan / Taoyuan xiangu / North fortress - Lang room valley - Viva Young Pass - Austin beam head cold - Luxury - angel waterfall / first waterfall / Tianmenshan / Heilongtan / North rock;
(5) Northern fortress - Elm groove - Tianmenshan / (Dragon forked - Luxury - angel waterfall) / (Dragon forked - Dragon Fam - Kyoto first waterfall / Tianmenshan);

(6) five F / valley and white - Small certain distance - water Baoziwan - Lang room valley - Elm groove - Cheng / Tianmenshan - Kyoto first waterfall / top phthalocyanine green and the like.



Technical flow to interpret the major node coordinates in the above line

( 1 ) Three Peaks of Luofengpo on the west side of the main peak: N40°33'45.71” , E116°42'01.18” , 1230m above sea level

The scenic landmark of Juglans Mountain in the scenic spot has since been relatively gentle and began to form a step up northeast along the wooden stick. At the same time, Luofengpo is also an entrance from the Houshanpu and Qidaogou up the mountain. Approximately 1.2km climbs northeast from the phoenix slope to the main peak, 7.2km northwest of the scenic area to Houshanpu , 7.8km to Qidaogou, and 5-6km southwest of Juglansiana to the scenic gate.

( 2 ) Sanchakou Scenic Area:   N40°33'36.16" , E116°42'46.34" , 1069m above sea level
There are a lot of trips on the hiking route. In order to make a distinction, the “ Satsanguchi ” is another route, which is another route from the main peak on the gate. It is 1km to the northeast , to the head of the cold Fengdian, and 1.5km to the southeast to the Banzai Yangsuikou and so on.

( 3 ) Liang Fengdian Liangtou : N40°33'46.62” , E116°43'07.56” , 1176m above sea level.

Located 2km to the east of the main peak, there is a boardwalk connected to the main peak, which is the core node of each crossing. From Lengfengdian Head to the southeast along the wooden plank road 1.4km to Banzai Yangshoubu, 2.4km to the east of the boardwalk (the cable car station), 1km to the southwest along the Xiaotu road in the scenic spot, you can go to Sanchakou within the scenic spot, and go 1.8km to the northeast. Luxury home, 2km west of the main peak.

( 4 ) Long lived Yangkou / Saddle: N40°33'26.71” , E116°43'31.05” , 1130m above sea level.

Long live traffic junction is 1.4km northeast Yang big demon beam, 1.4km to the southwest from the saddle Viva Yang, 1km east to the east end of the boardwalk from the (cable car ride, walking can be room to Lang valley), to the northwest 1.4 Km to Liangfengdianliangtou, about 2km to the northeast to the Black Dragon Sancha.

( 5 ) Luxury Homes (Three Large Houses):   N40°34'16.50” , E116°43'42.80” , 978m above sea level.

On the south side is the Coldwind Depression Village. Proud House is 3km to the north and Tianxian Waterfall is further north for 11km to the Huangtuliang Station on the Mi 63 Road. The Pride House is 2.0km east to the Black Dragon Sanchong and 1.8km southwest to the Cold Windian Head. .

The “luxury house” in the heart of the donkey friend, this is the southernmost one among the three large tile houses.

( 6 ) Black Dragon Three Miles:   N40°34'13.10” , E116°44'30.70” , Stainless Steel Frypan With Lid

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