Pre-marital property notarization is easy to save time and effort

In modern times, pre-marital property notarization has become more and more common, especially for groups with relatively high income. This is more important for this pre-marital property notarization, signing a property agreement, and enumerating the property to which they belong before marriage to show justice. . However, there are still some friends who are still not very clear about how to handle it. Here is a small series of decoration home decoration to introduce the friends who are not clear!


Note: Although the pre-marital property notarization is “pre-marriage”, this notarization can be reissued after marriage!

The first step: the unmarried couple prepares the following three materials:

1. Identification documents of both parties. Such as ID card, hukou, married couples must also bring a marriage certificate.

2. The respective documents of the property ownership of the parties. Such as real estate licenses, purchase contracts for home purchases and payment invoices.

3. The two parties have negotiated and drafted a good agreement. The contents of the agreement generally include: the basic name of the name, gender, occupation, address, etc. of the two parties, the name, quantity, value, status, and ownership of the property, and the principles of use, maintenance, and disposal of the pre-marital property. The signing and date of the parties on the draft agreement shall be signed at the notarization site after the agreement has been reviewed and revised by the notary.

Step 2: Both parties bring the above information to the notary office to submit a pre-marital property notarization application, receive the application form and fill out the application form. In the handling of the pre-marital property notarization, the law stipulates that both parties must be present at the same time, and the agent or one person absent will not be accepted.


Step 3: After submitting the application, the notary will review and verify the application submitted by both parties and the relevant property information. At the same time, the notary will conduct a notarized conversation with the parties on the relevant issues, and the parties must answer the questions truthfully. At the end of the conversation, the notary will perform the necessary legal disclosure obligations and tell the parties the legal obligations and legal consequences to be followed after signing the property agreement. After the parties have expressed their understanding, they will sign and confirm in the conversation and transcript.

The fourth step: After the approval, at the notary site, in the face of the notary, the parties signed the premarital property agreement. After completing this step, the pre-marital property notarization was successfully completed.

The above is the knowledge of the pre-marital property notarization brought to you by the decoration home decoration network Xiaobian. I hope everyone can gain something after watching it. For more related knowledge, please pay attention to the life encyclopedia!

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