In this life, should I buy a Mitsubishi?

Double eleven special issue

At that time in the 1980s, I remember that when I moved to a new home, my father chose a large refrigerator, motorcycle, and air conditioner. At that time, there was no anti-Japanese sentiment. As long as things were good enough, you could buy and buy. Finally, the refrigerator chose Toshiba. Motorcycles are Honda's "Usha shark" and "Little Shark" couple cars, and the air conditioner is Mitsubishi. After more than 30 years, these valuable items at the time can still work very well until the second move. Except for the Honda motorcycle, it was forced to scrap time and was detained by the traffic police on the road. However, the mother later said that she did not have the stability of Honda. The Mitsubishi air conditioner is only the joint of the parts slowly loose, the sound is a bit loud during operation, and the cooling performance is still very good.

The first impression of Mitsubishi Motors is that "Bobcat" (Latin) Pajero, with a big shiny anti-collision bar, is very domineering, and now the Pajero-based Cheetah Black King is still selling. The Bobcats' predecessor can be traced back to Willis Jeep. After the end of World War II, the US military and Willis considered the production of Civilian Jeep, the urbanized Jeep, and Mitsubishi and Willis jointly established a distributor in Japan, and domestic Willis. Jeep.

In 1952, Toyota, Nissan and other manufacturers were commissioned by the Self-Defense Force to produce four-wheel drive vehicles, and eventually Mitsubishi Jeep won the bid. However, Mitsubishi sees that Toyota and Nissan have already launched land cruisers and roads (in fact, they also borrowed from Willis Jeep, the original Japanese car design and even the name of the foreign car in the cottage), but they are still "staying under the fence", when Mitsubishi produced a few After Jeep in the year, he successfully sneaked on the technology in Willis, and his wings were hard and he wanted to go it alone. So in 1973, the Pajero Concept was launched, and the design style of the square was even acknowledged by the Mitsubishi official website. It is really thick enough. By 1983, Pajero was officially put into production, initially because the short wheelbase did not get too good sales, so the high top and long axis versions were added later.

In 1984, he officially participated in the Dakar to win the third place on the podium. In 1992, he ushered in the top three in the big harvest. By 1993, the Dakar time was ranked second in the world in terms of cross-country performance. Praised. Mitsubishi Motors is a super-rich second generation born in Japan with a golden key. Mitsubishi Heavy Industries can develop rockets and make pens. The products are strong and solid.

Although Jin Chang is named Pajero Sport, the chassis is actually another compact Mitsubishi Strada, and the American Dodge Ram 50 is actually a half-brother relationship. There is a wild history: the Chrysler Dodge pickup product line in the 1970s. There were vacancies, and the quality problems that Dodge appeared were not resolved. The failure of the compact car made them seek help from the small partners in the East, so they invested in the acquisition of 15% of Mitsubishi and helped Mitsubishi to import and sell cars in the United States. But Mitsubishi is responsible for developing more compact and energy-efficient cars and helping Dodge fill the gap. After the release of the second generation of the company, the Ram 50 was discontinued in 1994 due to the continued sluggish sales volume and the unfavorable construction of the Mitsubishi brand.

Since it is one of the top three American auto giants, Mitsubishi, the new high-speed chassis and high air intake have shown the success of Pajero's off-road performance, talking about Pajero's success in Dakar, another star of Mitsubishi. Lancer Evolution (Evolution, every time I see this word, I will goose bumps, just like when I saw "Digital Baby" in my childhood, "The tyrannosaurus evolution mechanical tyrannosaurus" is full of blood) is even more crazy, Tommy Mackinin drove EVO in 1996 and 1997 to defeat Colin McRae's Subaru in succession and won the WRC Championship. Tsuchiya City said that EVO is the strongest road car and it is not unreasonable. At present, Numiya Akiko, who maintains EVO speed in Nürburgring, has participated in the research and development of EVO 5. The new car in Tsukuba is the record of the production car at that time including the skyline GTR. . EVO officially announced the suspension of production this year (the truth is that Mitsubishi Motors stopped all EVO-related projects in 2010), and I don't know how many former fans will be hurt. Some time ago, Mr. Wu Pei’s article "EVO is no longer Evolution, the era has also drawn a comma" is a lot of fans who have been reluctant to write.

Even though EVO has been blamed by countless people in the tenth generation (the main reason is the immature 4B11T and PRND, the automatic transmission of the seventh generation has failed), we can also see Mitsubishi's stubborn temper. The offensive shark mouth is a design success in my opinion, and ASX Jin Xuan continues this design, which is more sporty and young. The previous ASX is a look of the old scooter. By the way, Jin Xuan originally It is the “Recreation Vehicle Runner” (named RVR in Japan) during the Japanese bubble economy. It is more like a van with a side sliding door. To the second generation, everyone is relatively familiar with Mitsubishi "space car".

Of course, if you want to own a Mitsubishi car now, it is not too late. Double eleven is a good time to start.

As a joint venture of Mitsubishi in China, GAC Mitsubishi launched the "Car Purchase Wins, Everyday Grand Prize" event in this year's double eleventh. From November 11th this year to January 31st next year, the time span is very high. long. During this "super long standby" New Year's carnival season, as long as you buy a car, you have the opportunity to get up to 4,999 yuan to the Top reward.

The Guangzhou Automobile Mitsubishi car owner who purchased the car during the event will log in to the GAC Mitsubishi official website event page on the day of purchase, fill in the relevant car purchase information and upload the invoice, which is eligible to participate in the carousel lottery! The cash rewards for this event range from 200 yuan to 4,999 yuan, and there are opportunities to generate 4,999 cash prizes every day! And it is a live prize, on-site redemption.

In addition, the offer has come one after another! As early as September, GAC Mitsubishi launched the “Three-Year Anniversary” three-free activity, and purchased cars “free of insurance premiums, exemption from taxation, and interest-free”. From now until December 31, 2015, go to GAC Mitsubishi's major sales outlets to purchase any model, insurance, purchase tax and loan interest are all free. It can be seen that GAC Mitsubishi is also very hard to make the brand of Mitsubishi once again become an array of mainstream automobile brands.

Take the 2.0L Xinjinxuan elite version as an example. The official guide price is 159,800. After paying the insurance premium and the purchase tax, it will usually “price increase” in the purchase budget of nearly 20,000 yuan. If you still have to borrow a car, the interest on the car loan of more than 6,000 yuan will make your wallet continue to bleed. What is important is that the "three exemptions" policy is for all models of GAC Mitsubishi, and the preferential amount is up to tens of thousands of yuan! Buying a car "three free", plus a daily cash prize for the force, is equivalent to discount and cash back, saving money is enough for you to buy an iPhone 6S, plus a European double-day luxury tour.

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