Between the radius and the distance, the RAX fall/winter hiking shoes accompany you to wander

What is recommended today? Is RAX 2015 autumn and winter new hiking shoes 5B334

Overall impression of RAX

In fact, the quality of a pair of outdoor shoes depends on your travel budget, outdoor strength, and the maximum cost-effectiveness of shoes. RAX's shoes are designed specifically for urban people on weekend outings, hiking, hiking, and field development. Outdoor brands have more outdoor design elements, and prices are relatively close to the people. RAX is definitely a perfect choice for responding to low to medium-intensity outdoor demand, beautiful and affordable.

However, this shoe seems to subvert my impression of him. It is greatly improved in terms of functionality. It is ultra-light, non-slip, shock-absorbing and fatigue-reducing...

Recommended reason

1 suede calfskin + Oxford cloth uppers, breathable wear, stylish easy to take

2. Super collision head, high density EVA

3. Haiboli insoles, antibacterial moisture

4. EVA cushioning in the bottom, cushioning Q bombs, assisting

5.RB rubber outsole, wear-resistant non-slip, ultimate lightness

Product features: as shown

Market price:Â¥669 Seven plus two sale price:Â¥270

Recommended buy link: RAX autumn and winter hiking shoes

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