How to set the correct installation location of the socket

With the popularity of household appliances, the number of power outlets in the home has gradually increased, but most residents do not understand how the socket should be installed. The installation of the power socket should be aesthetically pleasing and practical, and more important to use. So how do you set the exact location of the outlet?

Many people think that installing a socket is very simple, but if it is not properly done during planning and installation, it will have a great impact on future life. If some of the switch sockets in the home are in the wrong position, the furniture layout is different from what you started thinking. As a result, some sockets are blocked, some are not used, and some are not enough. Or the living room sofa, the TV cabinet next to the socket installation is less, and now the plug-in wires are all over the floor, is it annoying? Therefore, every major event of decoration must start with the details! The installation of the switch socket itself is not complicated, but it is related to the wiring and wiring of the home appliance. It will be very simple to understand, and it seems that it is very big. Come and talk to everyone today about the correct installation location and setup specifications for the outlet.

1. The lower edge of the general socket is 0.3 meters away from the ground and installed at the same height, the difference can not exceed 5mm;

2, split type, wall-mounted air-conditioning socket should be set according to the position of the reserved hole of the outlet pipe 1.8 meters away from the ground. The window type air-conditioning socket can be set at a distance of 1.4 meters from the window. The power socket of the cabinet type air conditioner should be at the corresponding position. Set at 0.3 meters above the ground;

3, each wall of the living room bedroom, the distance between the two sockets is not higher than 2.5 meters, within the range of 0.6 meters, at least one spare socket is installed;

4, the refrigerator socket is 0.3 meters or 1.5 meters from the ground (depending on the location of the refrigerator), and should choose a single three-pole socket;

5, the washing machine socket is 1.2 meters to 1.5 meters from the ground, it is best to choose a three-pole socket with switch;

6, kitchen, bathroom, terrace, socket installation when as far as possible from the water area. If it is close, add a socket splash box. A hair dryer and a power socket for shaving can be set beside the basin mirror, preferably 1.5 to 1.6 meters above the ground;

7, the electric water heater socket should be installed on the right side of the water heater from 1.4m to 1.5m, pay attention not to set the socket above the electric heater;

8, the terrace socket is more than 1.4 meters away from the ground, and as far as possible to avoid the scope of sunlight, rain and water;

9, the hood socket according to the design of the kitchen cabinet, installed at a height of 1.8 meters to 2 meters from the ground, it is best to cover the discharge pipe;

10. Do not install sockets near the top of the cooktop.

Once again, if you have old people and babies at home, you should pay attention to the safety performance of the sockets. In the installation, you should also take into account the habits of the elderly, so as to avoid the inconvenience of the elderly and cause difficulties in use.

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