Cultivate 21 habits of primary school! The children of other people have been raised like this!

Want to cultivate a primary schoolmaster who loves to study? Try to do these 21!

The secret of "poor students" and good students is - focus. With concentration, the child has the potential to learn to fight! The following 21 articles focus on cohesive coups, and I still have time to go, Mom and Dad havetened to use them!


When breastfeeding, my mother holds the child, and the child has a nipple. While the baby is enjoying a big meal, he also takes a focused class. Mothers who cannot breastfeed in special circumstances, please try to hold the child in the bottle to ensure that the child can communicate with the mother within the scope of the child.

2. Don't interrupt your baby casually

When the baby is doing something in focus, even if he is watching TV, don't interrupt him casually.

3. Do not give more than 2 baby toys each time

We are all used to putting a bunch of toys in the storage box for the baby to pick. In fact, this is wrong. Too many toys can easily cause your baby to distract. The correct way is to give the baby toys no more than 2 at a time, and teach the baby to play one and then play the next one.

4. Don't watch TV, don't play toys

You can't watch TV or eat toys.

5. Stay away from noise

Noise can not only prevent your baby from focusing on the focused things, but also affect your baby's emotional development.

6. Only do one thing at a time

People's concentration is relatively limited. When parents arrange tasks for their baby, only one is arranged at a time, and the instructions should be clear. After the completion, give appropriate rewards, step by step, the baby's concentration will increase day by day.

7. Where is the thing taken from where?

The baby must take something back to the original place, not only cultivates good habits, but also trains the baby's observation and memory.

8. Do your own thing yourself

Everyday life, such as eating, dressing, etc., should be given to the baby as soon as possible, because they can only do it with concentration. For example, if you eat, you need to work together with your baby's concentration and hand-eye coordination. The same is true for dressing, pants, and buttons.

9. Full exercise

Complaining that the child can't sit still, it's just that their energy is not consumed. Let the baby perform large body movements, such as crawling, running, rolling and jumping, all of which can make the brain more active, the nerve connection will be stronger, and the thinking and reaction ability will improve. More exercise will not only be good, but the brain will be smarter!

10. Read aloud

Arrange 10-20 minutes every day, let the baby choose their favorite picture book to read it out loudly. If you don't want to make mistakes, your baby's attention must be highly concentrated.

11. High quality parent-child companionship

When you have time, you can accompany your baby to read a book and play games. Because the more people complete a thing, the more people need to pay attention and cooperation.

12. Reduce unnecessary "care"

Even if you are an adult, there is always someone in your ear who is "slow and cold" and your concentration is not concentrated.

13. Create a suitable environment

There is a separate room, the house is clean and tidy, the items are placed in order, and only the corresponding school supplies such as books are placed on the desk. In addition, the softness of the ambient light also helps the child to concentrate, so create a quiet, clean environment for the child.

14. Develop a schedule to let the baby allocate time

Make a work schedule, let the baby allocate the time of learning and playing every day according to the plan, can promote the baby to concentrate on doing a certain thing for a period of time, and stimulate the baby's sense of accomplishment, and work will be more confident.

15. Invest in it to cultivate concentration

People are always willing to spend a lot of time on what they like to do. So use your child's hobbies to develop his concentration.

16. "One, two, three, wood people" game to play

Using this kind of game to control your physical behavior in a short period of time, let the child consciously carry out self-discipline, which is very helpful for cultivating concentration and improving learning efficiency. You can also use the Schulte training method, which is the most professional, most popular, and simplest concentration training method in the world.

Schulte training

On the square card, draw 25 squares of 1CM × 1CM, and fill in the Arabic numerals 1-25 in the grid, for a total of 25. During training, the subject is required to point out their positions in the order of 1-25 with their fingers, and at the same time read the sound.

Note: The international common grid size is 5*5 (25 grids) and the card size is 7cm*7cm. The size directly affects the test results. If the size is increased or decreased, the distance of the eye glance is changed, and the training effect is not achieved. Remember, the test is to increase interest and train effectively, not difficult for children. In order to increase the fun, it is also possible to make a variety of plaids and play with children.

17. Change your bad habits

I love watching TV, playing mobile phones, and playing games from time to time. Don’t blame the children for not focusing. Therefore, parents can get rid of their bad habits, and their problems can be solved immediately.

18. Transfer negative emotions and improve children's anti-jamming ability

When children face negative emotions such as fear, sadness, anger, disappointment, it is normal to be inattentive. For example, if a test is not tested well, the mood is very low. At this time, you can teach your child to transfer negative emotions by doing housework, exercise, manual or changing the environment, and improve their ability to resist interference and maintain concentration.

19. Have a regular life

Any good habits can be developed through 21 days, let the children live a regular life, help them adjust their biological clock, produce body memory, and help to increase the stability of attention.

20. Take the kids to travel together

Children are "curious baby", with their own "100,000 why." When they are traveling, they are in an unfamiliar environment, and the novelty will strongly stimulate their brains and maintain their high concentration.

21. Master scientific methods and conduct correct guidance

Parents of the "Nature Education Law" genre especially believe in the free-range law, and believe that children should follow the natural growth of their birth, and learning nothing is the best education. But in fact, any child who is smart and sensible is not born. The process of children from a blank paper to a mentally sound social person needs to rely on parents to constantly communicate with them and guide them skillfully.

Parents, from today, do 21 points, a primary school is not far from you!

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