Subverting traditional marketing models, furniture companies add to brands

The brand marketing activities of furniture companies that produce durable consumer goods have grown exponentially in recent years. There must be activities on weekends and there are large-scale promotions at festivals.
Yes, no matter whether the leading enterprises want to expand the terminal advantage or the small and medium-sized enterprises to survive, they must carry out various marketing activities in the market.
Even in the summer season - the traditional off-season of sales, many furniture brands, including stores, continue to insist on doing activities, and strive to create a "low season is not light" momentum.
This persistent force should indeed be praised, but have the merchants who are competing to do activities have thought about it: Do consumers really care about these brand marketing activities?
Some time ago, the IKEA home in Hong Kong's mid-year promotion, the store was crowded by the crowd, a large number of customers waited for several hours to queue up for payment. The IKEA store in the city where I am located, although there is no such hot scene, but from Monday to Friday, it is also a constant stream of people. In response, some dealers complained: "It’s just an ordinary promotion, that is, it’s just a discount. It’s so crazy!”
Indeed, corresponding to this kind of similar fanaticism, it is the "squatting" faced by traditional furniture stores. There are endless ways of marketing. From the expansion of water storage outside the store to the promotion of in-store purchases, the marketing methods of furniture enterprises are more and more advanced, and the furniture industry The commonly used marketing activities should be similar to IKEA discount activities, but no matter how hard the business is, how to plan, consumers are not cold, why is this?
On the other hand, IKEA, the annual sales discounts belong to its traditional marketing activities. Starting from June, IKEA's annual promotion activities in various stores around the world will be launched one after another. Many products are 50% off, and some products have a larger discount. For many consumers, this offer can of course not be missed.
As a representative of pan-home, IKEA has a lot of differences in terms of product system, shopping environment and price strategy compared with many domestic furniture brands. It is not easy to make direct comparisons. But this does not prevent us from comparing various brand activities in the current furniture market with IKEA brand activities.
By comparison, it is found that IKEA's promotion activities, in addition to the product itself, have two major differences from the promotion of domestic furniture brands:
First, the brand's influence is strong. The accumulation of brands over the years has allowed IKEA to have its own loyal “fans”. Therefore, it is only necessary to use a normal but very practical promotion mode every year, which can trigger the market's strong pursuit.
Second, a convincing discount. Every year, IKEA will conduct a “discount promotion” campaign around the world, both to increase sales and prepare for the launch of new products in the second half of the year. As long as it is a person who knows about IKEA, it is clear that this kind of discount activity of IKEA, the discount rate makes every IKEA person eager to try, these discounts certainly do not have the kind of "changing labels", "price adjustment" Happening.
Domestic furniture brands have been deposited for many years. Although they can't say that all the quality of brand furniture can pass, the brands in the first echelon are basically guaranteed in quality. But when it comes to brand appeal, it is a thousand miles away. The dealers contacted by the author are particularly interested in the promotion of marketing activities, but they are not keen on brand promotion. In their view, “furniture is a durable consumer product, and personal consumption is low, so the attention to the brand is not high. Locking customers can only rely on personal word of mouth." This is the idea of ​​many dealers. In terms of production enterprises, many companies still pay attention to brand promotion. From brand-name brand programs to sponsoring singers' concerts, it is a unique strategy to promote brands.
What the author wants to say is that this kind of brand promotion, if it can continue, can promote the terminal sales to a certain extent, but it is really difficult to form a long-term effect or achieve breakthrough sales. Consumers will learn about the brand because of their interest in a variety show, and remember the brand, but rarely choose to buy the brand's products because of this scene. Without long-term brand accumulation and the formation of corresponding "brand vocabulary", it is difficult for consumers to pay for it.
After talking about the brand, let's talk about the price. In the market economy, commodity marketing is a very normal thing. Even if the furniture belongs to durable consumer goods, there are product inventory, or product updates, etc., through various actual or disguised price discount activities, the products are sold out. Normally, many foreign furniture brands will choose to conduct such marketing activities at a certain point in time. However, in China, this kind of marketing has obviously changed its taste - the price is unified and the price mechanism is illusory, plus the perennial discount promotion, not only makes the potential consumers have a feeling of cloud in the furniture price, The so-called promotion activities have also begun to become numb.
In the absence of various elements of brand promotion success, the end-brand activities of the domestic furniture industry are becoming more and more “alternative”: marketing methods are becoming more and more refined, but regardless of the theme of discount activities, no matter how the business sips, consumption All are cold-eyed.
In order for consumers to really get close to your brand marketing activities, companies must work hard on brand system construction and price mechanisms.

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