DigiFabster: Cloud-based enterprise 3D printing solution

Based on the Internet, software and service provider DigiFabster focuses on providing one-click solutions based on these digital manufacturing resources and tools. DigiFabster was developed by 3DPrintus, an online 3D printing platform founded two years ago in Moscow. It was recently renamed DigiFabster due to business expansion. The Internet around the world is taking over all the devices it can connect to, including small-scale manufacturing resources such as 3D printers , CNCs, and laser cutting machines, which engineers, designers, entrepreneurs, and companies are developing in their projects. Required.

“We used to receive, for example, 150 inquiries – only 15 of which we can quote, and the final number of orders was 10.” DigiFabster CEO Constantine Ivanov said, “Now we can receive 350 Asking for information, there are 300 quotations that can be fulfilled, and the resulting order volume is 160. But the most surprising thing is that the proportion of repeated orders has doubled, which means that our service quality has improved."

That's why DigiFabster develops cloud-based management software specifically for 3D printing companies—enabling customers to automate order flow, increase revenue, and build conversion rates with a simple website gadget.

The solution includes order processing, payment, customer relationship management (CRM), and trading market modules for 3D printing agencies, prototyping services, and maker spaces such as Fab Labs. For companies of any size, whether you are using a professional or home 3D printer, DigiFabster's services are a quick solution to help you build your 3D printing business.

It is understood that when the 3D printing model is uploaded, DigiFabster can automatically check and repair the common problems of the model in terms of mesh, topology, geometry and wall thickness. DigiFabster's cloud services also provide web account-based personal settings, file storage, and order tracking, order status such as delivery date and production schedule, all displayed in a simple interface.

DigiFabster also offers a free version of the solution for small 3D printing companies and maker spaces, which can upload 1,000 3D models per month and includes file uploads, repairs, order flow automation, online payment and distribution functions. In addition to supporting FDM, SLS and full color 3D printers, DigiFabster also provides SSL data protection. The paid version of the DigiFabster is priced at $200 a month.

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