Xi'an successfully completed the first ankle 3D printing application surgery

Bio- 3D printing technology has achieved considerable success in China. Not long ago, OFweek 3D Printing Network reported that 3D printing technology helped Shenzhen Hospital to raise new ears for 9-year-old girls. It is undeniable that the application of 3D printing technology in medical applications has helped more and more patients.

Yesterday, after the simulated surgery of pre-operative 3D printing technology, a 19-year-old Tibetan youth from Yushu District, Qinghai Province, successfully completed the foot deformity correction and limb extension surgery in Xi'an Honghui Hospital, and now it is possible to achieve simple walking.

According to Director Liang Xiaojun of the Foot and Shoulder Surgery Center of the Red Cross Hospital, as a living Buddha in a Tibetan temple, Tedo has suffered from left horseshoe varus since childhood, and his left hip is dysplastic with subluxation. The left lower limb is 5 cm shorter than the right lower limb. If you want to restore your ability to walk, you must not only do the deformity of the left foot, but also the extension of the left lower limb. However, considering that the future is far from Qinghai Yushu, the sub-operation will increase the patient's economic burden and recovery time. The hospital overcomes many technical problems and decides to complete the orthopedic and prolongation of the high bow inversion during the same period. Although the operation is difficult, in order to ensure the quality of the operation, the hospital has customized the 3D printing technology for the special, and performed a series of simulated operations before the operation. In the first month of this year, the orthopedics and prolongation of the high-bow varus were successfully completed. Recently, the Red Cross Hospital has done a left knee external fixation for the special surgery. The effect after surgery is good.


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