【Exhibition News】Asian Outdoor Exhibition "Survival" Rules - On How to "Watch"?

To tell the truth, the frequency of the "bombing" propaganda promoted by an Asian outdoor exhibition event lasted for nearly two months every day. Xiao Bian, the "shooter," was also almost shaken to the alarm. Feeling, if this time does not want science to look at the outdoor exhibition of Asia, "wandering to eat cheat drink" function, are not quite right from their own!

01 How to go to the exhibition hall?
From July 23 to July 26, no matter if you come to the Asia Outdoor Exhibition site from Earth or Mars, Xiao Bian will be at the exhibition site - the subway station next to the Nanjing International Expo Center. "Welcome welcome and warm welcome" to you - Both Metro Line 2 and Line 10 can reach Yuantong Station.
Walk to the pavilion (for a while): Exit 4 of Yuantong Station. There will be a signage guide on the south all the way (it does not require a sense of direction). This route is connected to the north gate of the pavilion (entry entrance of No. 3 in the picture), and the nearest viewer registration office is in hall 4.

Shuttle to the exhibition hall: Exit 1 of Yuantong Station. The all-weather exhibition shuttle will take you “seconds” directly to the east gate of the pavilion (exhibit entrance of No. 6 in the picture). The nearest viewer’s login office is in Hall 7. gallery.

02 How to renewal admission?

● Visitors who already have a visitor's badge: They can swipe their cards and enter the venue from the entrance of each hall.

● Exchange of the bar code number: A visitor who has registered successfully on the official website, can exchange the ID number and the name of the visitor's business card in exchange for the visitor's registration card at Hall 4 or Hall 7 for free;

● Purchase of tickets: Visitors who failed to register in advance need to purchase tickets on the spot. Tickets cost: 50 yuan/person.

03 Where does the car stop?

There are three parking lots in the pavilion:

● The P1 parking lot near the east gate of the pavilion enters from the entrance of No. 8 in the map;

● The P2 parking lot at the intersection of Jiangdong Middle Road and Jinsha West Street will enter from entrance 7 in the map;

● P3 parking lot on the north side of Jinling Conference Center (only for vehicles holding VIP parking permits).

04 Where is the luggage stored?

The entrance to Hall 5, the north side of the corridor, is a free hosting service provided by the exhibition.

05 Inquiries

There is an information desk at the entrance of each exhibition hall (No. 4, 5, 6, 7): all exhibition consultations are provided; and the service point provides free internet access, computer equipment and self-service drinking water.

06 Free WIFI

● A-WIFI: The entire exhibition hall covers A-WIFI and is only for mobile phones and tablets (notebooks and computers cannot use A-WIFI);

● WIFI: free WIFI is used in the dining area and tent area of ​​each exhibition hall; there are also the inquiry points mentioned in NO.4 and the audience registration halls in the corridor entrances of No. 4 and No. 7.

07 Start shopping and drinking...

● In the exhibition hall: In the last square in Halls 4, 5 and 6, there are dining areas: Candlelight Western Restaurant in Hall 4 and Beibei Paris; Sweet taste.

● Outside the exhibition hall: sweet taste between halls 4 and 5; McDonald's between exhibition halls 5 and 6; running fast, steamed and steamed in Nanjing; speed will be reached; Sweet taste.

● Cheats: Visitors will hold a BTR “Perverted Run” beer brewer on the first day of the show at the 6.1700 Booth in Hall 6. Welcome to Beer!

* Extra benefits great! Cold Drink For Free! *

The most touching event on the Asian Exhibition site! One of the hottest quotes in the hot summer is “Forgive Ice”. The Asia Outdoor Exhibition “Sweet Taste” offers free “Summer Artifacts – Sour Plum Soup”. It can be picked up free of charge in all the sweet taste restaurants in the showroom. Yo!

08 intimate tips: medical office

The medical office is located on the north side of Hall 4 and there is an emergency medical kit at the entrance of each exhibition hall. After all, Shuxin must be built on a safe basis!

Finally, let's allow Xiao Dao (dao) to attach the schematic diagram of all exhibition halls! Absolute authority, so the buddies can be assured that the bold collection of places do not have to thank!

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In addition to major brand products, Hall 4 also has water supplies area! In addition, happy teahouse, running area, and some popular activity areas are also here!

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The big collection is in Room 5. The much-anticipated youth outdoor area is also here!

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Hall 6 is mainly a home for rock climbing areas and outdoor clubs. You don't have to doubt it. Dry climbing is held in this hall!

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The legendary “tent area” is mainly in Hall 7 where you can't think of anything. You haven’t seen the tents you’ve ever seen. There’s everything here!

The above content is reprinted from the official 2015 official partner Asia Outdoor Products Exhibition official website

Equipped with cool news articlesEquipped with cool news articles

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