Rosewood wardrobe can be hot and good to maintain

[ Chinese wardrobe network ] Today's wardrobe market, it can be said that all kinds of wood are endless, but the most popular among the people are those: mahogany, teak, African rosewood and so on. Especially African rosewood (non-flower pear), its: "wood quality, white wood price" has become the new favorite in the market. The wardrobe made of rosewood is more popular with consumers, so you know how to identify the authenticity of the rosewood wardrobe, how to maintain it? The following Chinese wardrobe network will teach you.

First, the rosewood wardrobe identification:

Rosewood wardrobe identification

Rosewood wardrobe identification

1, look at the cattle hair, the pears are produced in different places, the wood is also very different, some texture is finer, some of the quality is loose, but from the string cut surface, you can clearly see the wood grain resembling cow hair.

2, smell sandalwood, close to the rosewood smelled with a nose, you can smell the rosewood also has a sandalwood fragrance, the taste is very fragrant, but the fragrance is lower than the fragrance of Dalbergia.

3, look at the fluorescence, there is a layer of light fluorescence in the pear, if you put a small piece of pear in the water you can find, the water is floating with green material, this substance can emit a kind of fluorescence.

4, look at the face, pears also have grimace, "...there are some ghosts in the pattern, but also the kind of raccoon...". The halo is like money, and the size is wrong.

5, look at the stripes, rosewood grain is thicker, the texture is straight and more, the heartwood is red, yellow brown and reddish brown, from the longitudinal section to see the strip-shaped long lines are obvious.

6. Look at the polarized light. When looking at the refracted light from the cut surface of the pear, only one angle can see that the refracted light is the brightest and most obvious, while the other angles are not obvious. This is the polarized phenomenon.

Second, rosewood wardrobe maintenance:

Rosewood wardrobe maintenance

Rosewood wardrobe maintenance

1, daily use Do not pile heavy objects on the rosewood wardrobe to avoid distortion of the wardrobe. Do not wipe the pear products with a damp cloth, or use alkaline chemicals or alcohol-based chemicals. When moving the rosewood wardrobe every day, be sure to gently lift it. Do not pull hard.

2, the finished wardrobe should not be exposed to the sun, nor should it be close to the high temperature places such as the heater, the indoor temperature is maintained at 70%-80%, when wiping dust, soft cotton cloth should be used. If the floor of the room is not flat, you can use a small wooden block to level the floor to prevent deformation of the wardrobe for a long time.

3, the water inside the wood, the air humidity will shrink, too high will expand, so do not put it in too dry and humid place, the surface should avoid rubbing with hard objects, so as not to damage the surface texture of the paint surface and wood.

4, in the area where the four seasons change obviously, the maintenance of the wardrobe is extremely particular. For example, after the weather, spring and autumn, etc., the climate will change from tide to dry or from dry to wet. The cabinet door should be opened and the drawers should be opened in time to make the wind inside and outside the wardrobe synchronized, so as to avoid warping due to too dry or too wet.

5. If the parts of the wardrobe are loose, don't be nervous. In fact, the more the wardrobe made of high-quality wood, the more likely it is. Try using a toothpick, white glue or cardboard to tuck it and tighten it. Never use 502 to stick it.

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