A wardrobe rendering for young people keeps the home up to date

[ Chinese wardrobe network ] Young people are characterized by fashion, individuality, dare to try new things, others say they are new and tired. But more accurately, they are good at trying new things that suit their own characteristics. In choosing wardrobes, they did not ask for mavericks, they were unique, but they were simple and fashionable. The China Wardrobe Network recommends four wardrobe design cases that are very suitable for young people, so that you can keep up with the trend of the home.

Small apartment wardrobe design

The overall wardrobe renderings of this bedroom show the warmth and elegance of warm white, warm white and sliding door. This wardrobe guarantees the breathability of the entire wardrobe space of the whole bedroom, while also making the living room more prominent to the owner's lifestyle and hobbies, and the louvers are easier to take care of. In the design process, in order to avoid the monotony of the louvers, a black and white line of waistline is added in the middle of the sliding door, which is more simple and simple.

This bedroom wardrobe is very suitable for small apartments, occupying a small space, which can enhance the simple and fashionable taste for the whole situation.

Bedroom wardrobe style

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The overall wardrobe renderings of this bedroom show the beauty and luxury of this wardrobe. The use of apple wood tones will add a touch of unique elegance to the Chinese red festive celebrations. Although there is no traditional red and lively, it has the unique maturity of apple wood. More in line with the pursuit of modern people. The top line design of the bedroom closet is smooth and smooth, just like the lines of the palace courtyard eaves, luxurious atmosphere and taste.

This bedroom wardrobe is suitable for medium-sized homes, and is placed in a bedroom of about 30-35 square meters.

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