Using mobile terminals to help prize caps "anti-counterfeiting"

We know that award-winning bottle caps are a common means of business promotion and are a particularly effective means. It is also for this reason that some people have eyeed prized caps to win prizes by imitating prized caps. This brought great losses to the manufacturers, and some manufacturers therefore do not redeem the normal award-winning bottle caps so that the award-winning bottle cap activities become untrustworthy for consumers.

For the prized bottle caps, it can be said that there is no anti-counterfeiting, and even businesses themselves are difficult to correctly determine the authenticity of a prize bottle cap. The cost of manufacturing a prize cap is very low. However, the award-winning bottle cap is indeed a very effective promotion method for businesses.

Now, with the development of the mobile Internet, we believe that there is a new turning point for award-winning bottle caps. The prize bottle cap and the mobile terminal are combined with each other. In the prize bottle cap, it can be a two-dimensional code or a series of digits, and the consumer loses one time after the redemption, which can greatly avoid the recurrence of similar problems.

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