Make-up artist reveals how to draw eyeliner

There are a lot of girls who go out to see makeup every day, but how many of the real paintings look good? Many girls draw eyeliner either high or low, or they are always troubled by the problem. So how do you draw your eyeliner ? Today, the makeup artist will reveal the secret for everyone.

Makeup artist reveals how to draw eyeliner

Eyeliner makeup tips:

Q: Whether it is a high eyeliner or a squint, is it always troubled to have a high and low hand?

A: In the opposite direction, the tail is positioned first, then the eye is drawn back so that it is not afraid of the height of the eyeliner.

How much eyeliner you draw yourself will be a little parallax, causing the eyeliner to always draw a difference in the height of the eyes. We can prepare the props "straight ruler" before painting. Before applying makeup, first place the ruler at the end of the eyeliner in the mirror (see if you want to draw a high eyeliner, or the last drop point of the drooping eye), use the eyeliner to make a small dot for the mark and then the tail. Draw back the eye, so that you are not afraid of running around the eyeliner, you can easily draw the eyeliner of the two eyes in parallel, and you can draw a contour eyeliner without the need of a ruler.

Q: The eyeliner often faints in the afternoon, what should I do?

A: Anti-oil four-part:

1. Eyelid calming ice for 3 minutes

2. Before makeup, wipe the bottom oil control item

3. Make makeup with honey powder before eye makeup

4. After the eye makeup, cotton swabs roll oil absorption

There are a lot of eyeliner products available today, among which “eyeliner glue, eyeliner” is not afraid of blooming, but if you want to achieve super anti-smudge, you still need Step by Step to make a good job. Before applying makeup, use the "eye base" product to help control the oil. After the makeup, use the puff to take the honey powder and pat the makeup before applying the eye makeup. After painting the eyeliner, you can add another stroke and use the cotton stick along the eye. Rolling back once, a few key oil control, definitely can hold the eyeliner to maintain the makeup!

Q: Eyeliner, mascara, eye shadow, is there a standard makeup order?

A:NO! But the order will affect the makeup style.

There is no order, depending on your personal habits. Just follow one rule: keep the clarity of your makeup and don't look dirty. The general order is to first clip the eyelashes, eye shadow → eyeliner → mascara. However, the makeup in different order can be different. For example, if you want to emphasize the eyeliner, you can first draw with the eye shadow and then draw the eye shadow. If you want to emphasize the eye shadow, try different combinations and create different styles of makeup. sense.

[ Note] Regardless of the eyeliner and eye shadow, it is absolutely correct to first clip the eyelashes. It is easy to apply the eyelash curling just because the eyelashes are dizzy.

Unskilled people, starting from the eye shadow first, will not let the eyeliner rubbing the eyelids when the eye shadow is on, causing the eye shadow to finish the eyeliner and run almost the same. Finally, drawing the eyeliner can make the eyes more stereoscopic. If you draw eye shadow behind the eyeliner, the style of the micro-smudge can make the eyes softer.

Q: How can I draw the inner eyeliner and not be afraid of dizziness?

A: Choose eyeliner, feel smooth and firm.

The inner eyeliner of the painting often has problems of unadapted eyes and mad eyes. At this time, it is easy to secrete tears, which is difficult to apply makeup and difficult to hold. The trick is to prepare a cotton swab and gently suck the cotton swab against the root of the eyelashes to absorb oil and absorb water. If you want to strengthen the anti-halation, you can choose from the choice of eyeliner products. The eyeliner has a smoother stroke and a stronger shaping force. It is very suitable for use when drawing the inner eyeliner. Just remember not to blink when you finish painting, and use the fan to help it dry quickly. Extend your makeup.

Q: I want to buy a pink color eyeliner. Is there a practical color to get started?

A: The choice of texture is more important than color selection!

In fact, as long as you master the drawing method, any color is not strange. On the contrary, the texture is bright or foggy, and it can save your hand skills. Like the matte face, it is more intimate than the glossy face and the pearly face. The visual impact will not be as strong as the glossy face. When the eyeshadow. The first time you try a color eyeliner, you can draw it at the end of the eye. The ratio is 1/3 of the total eye. The width is lower than the double eyelid pleat line. >>> Variety eye makeup star demonstration eyeliner skills


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