U.S. researchers use capsule microvibration to restore speech information

With the development of the economy and the packaging industry, technological innovations related to packaging are also emerging.

The morning news on August 5th, Beijing time, researchers at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Microsoft (43.37, 0.51, 1.19%) and Adobe (68.77, -0.17, -0.25%) have invented a new algorithm that can pass Records and analyzes minute vibrations of items such as potato chips and bags to reconstruct human-understandable sound information.

Such technology makes it easier for scientists to know what someone is saying. This will bring new privacy protection issues. Abe Davis, an MIT graduate student and the first author of this paper, said: “When a sound hits an object, it can cause the object to vibrate. This vibrational movement brings out a very tiny, naked eye. Invisible visual signals. People don't realize that there is such information."

In one experiment, the researchers recovered the sound information using a potato chips bag that was nearly 5 meters away from the soundproof glass. In another experiment, the researchers obtained useful audio information by studying the vibrations of other objects, such as plant leaves, aluminum foil, and a glass of water.

Researchers typically use methods that use high-speed cameras that capture thousands of frames per second. With this method, researchers can know the number and gender of speakers in the room. If the speaker's voice information is obtained in advance, the speaker's identity can also be identified.

I believe that in the future, there will be more technological innovations in the packaging box.

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