Tibetan furniture "Hyun" exhibition

"Fast, give me a picture of the furniture next to the Tibetan furniture. These furniture are really unique. We have never seen such a piece of art with ethnic characteristics. I really like it." From Hainan (real estate) Tourist Jiang Tong said with delight to his companions.

This is what the reporter saw at the fair yesterday.

Walking into the exhibition hall of Tibetan furniture, looking at a piece of furniture like a piece of art, I can't help but sigh! The splendid sofas, the intricately carved buddhas, and the beautifully colored coffee tables are truly beautiful pieces of art. On the wall of the exhibition hall, there is a Tibetan embroidery work "Twelve Golden Dragons" which lasted for 9 months. The expressions and movements on the faces of the characters in the works are so meticulous, so that the audience present can be praised again and again.

Tashi, manager of Tibetan furniture in Gesanghua, told reporters: "Tibetan furniture is a symbol of wealth, and furniture has been passed down from generation to generation. Due to the lack of timber in the plateau, transportation difficulties, economic backwardness, etc., Tibetan furniture was mainly in the early days. In the palaces, temples and aristocratic upper-class figures, ordinary families only have some rough and simple furniture. In the past 20 years, traditional and exquisite Tibetan furniture has entered the family of ordinary people. Tibetan furniture is mostly made of softwood such as eucalyptus and pine. The techniques are mostly embossed, engraved, and emptied, and the patterns record religious stories and historical legends. This exhibition shows more people the profoundness of Tibetan culture through the platform of the exhibition, and more understanding of our nation and Our culture, many people in Beijing (real estate) and Guangdong have reached an agreement with us this time to prepare our products."

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