Five body whitening methods are innocent and beautiful

In the hot summer, even the high temperature weather can't stop the girls' various vest shorts, and the beautiful legs are beautiful. Walking on the road, innocent beauty will make you face. Whitening is not just about the face, the whole body whitening is the right way! Let's take a look at the five body whitening methods introduced by Xiaobian, let you be more confident and dazzling!

Five body whitening methods

Whole body whitening method 1: skin exfoliation

The continuous accumulation of keratin will cause our skin to be rough and dull. Not only will the skin of the face have horny accumulation, but also the body will also have keratinous accumulation, and different parts should distinguish between exfoliation.

Facial exfoliation

The secretion of oil from the face, together with some dust attached to the face, makes it easy for our skin to accumulate old keratin, so we must regularly exfoliate, at least once a week to exfoliate, oily skin can be used Scrub-type exfoliating products, but for dry skin, choose a mild exfoliating product.

Body exfoliation

For body skin exfoliation, we can choose the bath essence or exfoliating product with exfoliating effect, use it all over the body, it will have a smooth and smooth effect after washing, then use the bathroom steam to open the pores, so it is easy to discharge the dirt. And body waste.

Whole body whitening method 2: whitening hydrating

The foundation of whitening is moist and moist, so you want to get a good whitening effect, the skin must not be short of water, especially in the hot summer, the face and body skin are easy to dry and lack water, the skin needs water to moisten it. Shiny, white and tender.

Facial hydration

After cleansing, use hydrating products to hydrate the skin and lock in moisture. Regularly use the whitening hydrating mask on a regular basis to replenish moisture and rich whitening nutrients to brighten skin tone and fight pigmentation, leaving skin white and flawless. Pay attention to the intensive skin care at night, because nighttime is a good time for skin whitening.

Body hydration

Normal sun exposure is easy to take away the moisture on the skin, you must ensure that the skin is full of moisture, you can carry a spray-type moisturizing lotion with your body, dry and sprayed, soothing dry skin. At the same time, usually pay attention to drink plenty of water to replenish lost water.

Whole body whitening method three: tomato whitening

The ingredients are tomatoes and honey. After stirring the tomato into tomato juice, add a proper amount of honey and stir until it is a paste. Apply evenly to face or hands and leave for about 15 minutes. It is recommended to do 1-2 times a week. This tomato whitening formula can whiten the face and hands at the same time, especially the acne skin, which can effectively remove greasy skin and make the skin fair and delicate.

Whole body whitening method four: milk bath

Pour about 1000ml of fresh milk into hot water and mix until it is translucent. When adding a few drops of rose essential oil to the milk bath, it feels better. Wash the bathtub in time after the milk bath. The recommended soaking time is 15-20 minutes. Milk, milk and minerals in milk have a natural moisturizing effect, which not only prevents and repairs dry skin, but also makes skin more delicate and fair.

Whole body whitening method five: green tea bath

Put 3-5 bags of green tea slag or tea bags that have been drunk, put them into stockings or cotton bags, and then put the bags into the bathtub to inject hot water. The recommended soaking time is 10-20 minutes. It is also possible to choose a thicker tea leaf, usually about 250g at a time, but a milder tea should be chosen. Green tea bath can remove skin oil and dirt, and help to remove skin and soften keratin. Long-term persistence can also achieve the effect of whitening. >>>Check the beauty of the eight foods

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