Box type muffle furnace operation needs

Box muffle operation requires:
1, the highest temperature of 1200 ° C, 1300 ° C or 1400 ° C
2, 5 surface heating to ensure a good temperature distribution
3. The heating element mounted on the support tube radiates heat freely and has a long service life.
4, the bottom of the furnace SiC plate protects the bottom of the heating, and provides a smooth stacking pad
5, LH furnace type: multi-layer fiber-free lightweight refractory brick insulation structure and special insulation design
6, LF furnace type: high-quality fiber insulation structure and furnace angle refractory brick greatly shorten heating and cooling time
7. The furnace door adopts brick-to-brick sealing structure and is hand-brushed.
8, high connection power reduces heating time
9. The smoke is exhausted by the bypass port connected to the exhaust pipe.
10. The self-supporting arched roof has a stable structure and plays a dustproof role to the greatest extent.
11, the furnace door is equipped with a quick closing device
12, the bottom of the furnace is equipped with stepless adjustable intake valve
13, the scope of supply includes brackets

Concrete mixing truck

Mixing concrete truck mixer truck, cement mixer, concrete mixer) used to transport building with concrete special truck made in China; because of its shape, often referred to as escargot car. This type of truck mounted on a drum type mixer to carry concrete after mixing. In the course of transportation, the mixing tube will always be kept to ensure that the concrete will not be solidified. After transporting the concrete, it is usually the water to flush the mixing drum, to prevent the hardening of concrete occupied space, so that the volume of the mixing barrel is less and less.

CLW GROUP TRUCK Concrete mixing truck Form

By the automobile chassis, mixing drum, transmission system, water supply device, the full power of the power take-off, before and after the mixing frame, reducer, hydraulic transmission system, the import and export system, control mechanism, and other parts of the composition. Due to technical bottlenecks, the use of domestic large domestic mixer tank volume 3M no -8m no, more than 8m no volume of the big four most for imported parts.

Mixer: second class chassis, transmission system, hydraulic system, a machine frame, a stirring tank, feeding device, water supply system, control system and a human ladder etc. part import and. The front end of the mixing tank and the speed reducer are connected and arranged on the front end of the machine frame, and the rear end is supported by two supporting wheels which are arranged on the back end of the machine frame.

CLW GROUP TRUCK Concrete mixing truck Special mechanism


CLW GROUP TRUCK Concrete mixing truck The special mechanism mainly comprises a force taking device, a front and back support bracket, a speed reducer, a hydraulic system, a mixing drum, a control mechanism, a cleaning system, etc.. The working principle of the device is that the power of the automobile chassis is taken out by the force taking device, and the variable displacement pump of the hydraulic system is driven.

Concrete mixing truck

The mechanical energy can be converted to the hydraulic energy to be transmitted to the quantitative motor, the motor can drive the speed reducer, and the stirring device is driven by the speed reducer to mix the concrete.

Force taking device

Domestic concrete mixing truck using the main engine to take power mode. Take the role of power plant is through the manipulation of power switch will remove the engine power, the mixing drum driven by hydraulic system, stir shake tube into the material and transport processes in positive rotation, to feed and the concrete mixing, discharging reverse rotation, in work after the end of the cut and the power of the engine is connected.

CLW GROUP TRUCK Concrete mixing truck Hydraulic system

Will the force taking device removed engine power (usually rear full function take force device), transformed into hydraulic energy (displacement and pressure), and the motor output to machine can rotate speed and torque), mixing drum rotation to provide power.


After the motor output of the hydraulic system is slowed down, the output of the motor is transmitted to the mixing drum.

CLW GROUP TRUCK Concrete mixing truck Control mechanism

A. control the rotation direction of the mixing tube, so that in the feed and transport process forward rotation, the material when the reverse rotation.

B. control the speed of mixing drum.

Stirring device

It is mainly composed of mixing drum and its auxiliary supporting parts. The mixing drum is a concrete loading container, which is made of high-quality wear-resistant thin steel plate, in order to be able to automatically loading and unloading of concrete, and the inner wall of the spiral blade is welded with a special shape. When rotating concrete along the blade spiral direction, by mixing and stirring constantly upgrading and turning process. During feeding and transportation, the mixing drum is rotating, the concrete is moving in the direction of the blade, and the discharging time, the mixing barrel is inverted, and the concrete is discharged outwards along the blade. The rotation of the mixing drum is guaranteed by the hydraulic drive device. Loading capacity of 3 ~ 6 cubic meters. Concrete mixing transport vehicle generally use by the motor through a power output shaft drives the hydraulic pump, again by the high-pressure oil drive hydraulic motor driven mixing drum, loading amount of 9 ~ 12 cubic is by the vehicle auxiliary diesel engine driven hydraulic pump is driven by a hydraulic motor. Blade is the main part of the mixing device, damage or serious wear will lead to uneven mixing of concrete. In addition, the blade angle if the design is not reasonable, will make the concrete segregation.

CLW GROUP TRUCK Concrete mixing truck Cleaning system

The main function of cleaning system is to clean the mixing barrel, sometimes also used for the transportation of dry mixing. The cleaning system also has a cooling effect on the hydraulic system.

Sealing device

Full closed device by rotary sealing technology, sealing the mixing car import and export, to solve the traditional mixer water evaporation, segregation of mortar and concrete material scattered and traffic safety.

Fully closed

CLW GROUP TRUCK Concrete mixing truck Working principle

Power by the second class chassis power from power output through a transmission shaft to transmit power to the hydraulic pump, hydraulic pump produces hydraulic can spread through an oil pipe of the hydraulic motor, hydraulic motor to hydraulic pressure can be transformed into kinetic energy and through the speed reducer deceleration and increase torque transfer into mixing tank, by adjusting the (dual role variables) hydraulic pump servo handle angle so as to realize the stirring tank is the size of the rotation direction and speed, to achieve concrete filling, mixing, agitation, material and other operations.

CLW GROUP TRUCK Concrete mixing truck Variety classification

Dongfeng 140 concrete mixer, Dongfeng 145 Concrete Mixer Truck, Dongfeng 153 concrete mixer truck, Dongfeng Tianlong concrete mixer truck, Hercules Dongfeng small Concrete mixer truck, FAW concrete mixer truck, Steyr concrete mixer truck, SHACMAN Delong concrete mixer truck, mixer truck Auman, Hongyan IVECO concrete mixer truck, Japan Isuzu concrete mixer.

CLW GROUP TRUCK Concrete mixing truck maintenance and repair

CLW GROUP TRUCK Concrete mixing truck Overview

Concrete mixing transport vehicle as transport car, in maintenance and repair must be in accordance with the provisions of the Ministry of communications in 1990 13 orders, the implementation of the "regular testing, forced maintenance, depending on the feeling of repair" maintenance system. In this premise, combined with the actual situation of concrete mixing truck, do a good job of maintenance and repair. In the daily maintenance, concrete mixing truck in addition to the conventional engine, chassis and other parts of the car maintenance, but also must do the following maintenance work.

Concrete Mixer Truck

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