TP-AD-12 liquid crystal gradient control digestion furnace

Shanghai Xinzhuang Instrument LCD Gradient Control Digestion Furnace Application Principle:

During the sample digestion process, high-fat samples such as feed, food, milk, petroleum, soil, and oil can cause a large amount of foam in the initial stage of digestion, which makes the measurement of sample loss and even personal injury. Now the digestion furnace on the market. All products are power control heating, can not be fixed temperature control, the whole digestion process is not intuitive enough, in addition to digesting high fat products must be guarded by the digestive furnace, our product temperature gradient timing control heating can reduce the above troubles, touch buttons can be arbitrarily set The temperature of the various sample foams and the heating time are set, which greatly improves the efficiency of the work.

In the process of sample digestion, harmful gases such as SO2 that will escape will be generated. Although it can be discharged into the water channel through the exhaust pipe through the sewage pipe on the digestive pipe, some gas leaks. Injury to the human body, if the new liquid crystal gradient heating furnace is used, no need to be guarded, the safety of the experimental operator can be guaranteed, and the purpose of automatic undigestion is realized.

Main features:

â—†Working voltage: 220V 50Hz

â—†Digestion time: 60-90 minutes

◆ Temperature control range: 100°C-500°C

â—†Control mode: automatic / manual two modes

◆Display accuracy: 1 °C

â—† Real-time temperature display: display the temperature in the furnace chamber in real time

â—†Time display: total running time, remaining time display, gradient warming allowable time

â—† Temperature gradient: 3 temperature gradients

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