What is the brand advantage of Langjing Sanitary Ware?

Nowadays, there are many brands of sanitary wares. You can see first- and second-tier sanitary ware brands everywhere in shopping malls. Before buying bathroom products, you must go to the mall to understand, and then choose after a comprehensive comparison. Today, the editor will introduce a good bathroom brand-Wave Whale, let's take a look at the Wave Whale bathroom .

How about wave whale bathroom

SSWW Langjing Sanitary Ware was founded in 1994, focusing on the sanitary ware industry for 20 years. Now it has built two major production bases for leisure sanitary ware and sanitary ceramics integrating design, R & D, production and marketing. It is also equipped with a professional product testing center. Its annual output of ceramic sanitary wares is about 5 million pieces, and its products cover more than ten varieties such as massage bathtubs, steam rooms, shower rooms, wash basins, toilets, bathroom cabinets, and metal faucets.

Wave Whale keeps up with the most cutting-edge international technology trends and modern health and environmental protection requirements, introduces advanced talents and technologies, combines a long-established ceramic process, develops the modern overall sanitary ware industry, and comprehensively develops new sanitary ware products. Its six categories of products are all selected from high-quality raw materials, and use refined production management to ensure that each product meets national and international production standards; and maintain long-term cooperation with internationally renowned designers and artists, perfectly combining aesthetics and technology, and manufacturing more More bathroom products.

Wave Whale has newly developed high-tech sanitary glaze and nano-technology ceramic glaze with special anti-fouling effect. In terms of energy saving, in response to global water-saving actions, a fully developed water-saving toilet with 3/6 liters of double-grade flushing capacity; in terms of materials, wave whale sanitary ware all use green environmental protection materials to ensure human safety and health; in addition, wave whales The sanitary ware adopts a large-diameter sewage pipe and a method of applying glaze in the pipe, which becomes cleaner, more hygienic and less clogged in cleaning. Leading the trend of the whole bathroom to enable hundreds of millions of families around the world to enjoy a comfortable, convenient, smart and environmentally friendly new life in the bathroom.

I believe everyone should have an answer to the question about the wave whale bathroom . Not only that, Whale Sanitary Ware also provides customers with a whole-space overall solution, integrating massage bathtubs, toilets, bathroom cabinets, shower rooms, steam rooms and bathroom hardware into the overall bathroom space to meet the needs of different spaces for consumption It provides a new multi-functional modern bathroom experience combining bathing, leisure, health care, fashion and warmth.

What brand advantages does Langjing sanitary ware have?

The quality of Wave Whale Sanitary Ware has also attracted global attention. It has obtained the CE certification of the European Union for many years in a row and has passed the ISO9001: 2000, CUPC, CSA, UPC, ETL, SAI and other product quality certifications. Won many awards such as Guangdong Famous Brand Products, Guangdong Famous Brands, China Top Ten Sanitary Ware Brands, China Top 100 Kitchen and Bathroom Top Ten Well-known Brands, etc.

Its products are exported to 107 countries including the United States, Germany, Britain, France, Spain, Italy, Russia, South Korea, Japan, Iran, and Saudi Arabia, and maintain a leading position in market share. Over the years, he has represented the sanitary ware industry to participate in internationally renowned sanitary ware exhibitions such as Frankfurt in Germany and KBIS in the United States. Wave Whale insists on marketing globalization. Under the strategic goal of basing on China and marketing global enterprises, it continuously expands domestic and foreign markets and has won praise from users in more than 80 countries.

Summary: The above is about how to introduce the SSWW bathroom, SSWW bathroom of the overall product is still pretty good, after years of development SSWW bathroom has accumulated a good reputation, is a good choice for decoration. If you want to know more about the sanitary wares of the brand, please pay attention to this website, more valuable articles are waiting for you.

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