Pesticide bottle packaging to plastic glass needs to promote

According to the current market-related statistics, glass pesticide bottles account for 60% of the market's market share, and plastic pesticide bottles account for 20% of the market's market share. The rest is a variety of material pesticide bottles. Although plastic glass is now being advocated, plastic pesticide bottles will be used instead of the existing glass pesticide bottle market. However, it has not been possible to change the filling equipment, design, etc., of pesticide companies in the short term, and it is difficult for glass pesticide bottles to change in the short term.

We all know that the most important problem with pesticide bottles is the low recovery rate and the lack of a complete recycling system. A lot of waste is in the fields. This waste of glass pesticide bottles in the wild is not just a matter of destroying the environment. When the pesticide bottle is crushed, broken glass will pose a great threat to people working in the wild, unlike ordinary glass. Glass pesticide bottles are highly toxic because they can cause serious consequences if they are harmed.

In this regard, on the one hand, it is necessary to accelerate the establishment of a recovery system for pesticide bottles. On the other hand, it is necessary to accelerate the pace of plastic pesticide bottles to plastic glass.

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