The furniture market is very deep, and buying redwoods is going to jump out of three traps.

The mahogany furniture is called “water is very deep” by the industry. Many people who buy it have a “leak” and “investment” mentality, but many people fall into the trap. Recently, the reporter collected the three kinds of traps that the rosewood buyers are most worried about and often encounter, and see what damages are used by the bad merchants.

Poor materials - the most easy to cross the sea

Although the mahogany furniture “materialism” is not promoted, it will be the main motive for purchase for a long time. However, the use of materials is not refined and counterfeit is a common means.

Inadequate use of materials: In 2013, a citizen spent more than 500,000 yuan to purchase a set of mahogany furniture. After the expert identification, he found that the white edge of the furniture surface was 30 cm long and covered with paint. According to industry insiders, according to national regulations, sapwood is not allowed in visible parts of mahogany furniture. Even if it is not in the visible part, mahogany furniture with white edges will be lowered.

Counterfeit expensive: Two years ago, Mr. Jiang spent 1 million yuan to buy a set of "redwood furniture." The sales order indicates that the material is “Vietnamese huanghuali” and “fake one loses ten”. After the purchase, Mr. Jiang invited the scientific research unit with relevant qualifications to appraise. The result is African Asian pear, not redwood. Mr. Jiang went to court, and according to the promise of the merchant on the sales list, the court sentenced Mr. Jiang to receive the compensation he deserved.

Suggestion: Xu Feng, a professor at the College of Forestry of Guangxi University, said that if there is a white border in the invisible part, the word “all” cannot be used on the column of the product name. If you are not sure, you can ask a qualified third party to identify.

Production is not refined - test the buyer's eyes

Two years ago, Mr. Yang bought a car of mahogany furniture from the Sino-Vietnamese border at the price of the so-called "below the market". The materials used were good, but it didn't take long. One of the chairs fell apart. It was found that the armrests of the chairs were all glued with glue. Then, the sofa began to falter, and once it was opened, it was found that even the basic structure was No, there is only one bump, one groove, just plug it in. However, the wood has become a boat, looking for a number of carpenters in Nanning, they shook their heads and said they could not be repaired.

In a mahogany furniture exhibition hall on the Liusha Peninsula in Nanning, the staff intentionally put together the mahogany furniture of the superior and inferior craftsmanship: the board is thick enough, the sound is heavy and the board is too thin, and the knocking is crisp. Good chaise longue, thick handrail, and poor chaise longue, cut corners, causing the armrest to be suspended and cracked. A poorly crafted three-legged coffee table with thin, sturdy legs and crumbling. There are also engravers, good carvings and more details, lifelike; poor carvings, stiff and stiff.

Recommendation: According to industry insiders, although the price of mahogany furniture is very deep, it is basically following the fluctuation of the main line of “one price per share”. On the border between Guangxi and Vietnam, there are some small shops that sell Vietnamese processed mahogany products. They may not be used properly, but the bad craftsmanship can make them sell at a discount.

Not guaranteed after sale - prevent furniture from becoming "abandoned baby"

Mr. Yang, who mentioned the serious disintegration of mahogany furniture, tried to find after-sales, but the seller had already gone to the building and had to seek redress elsewhere. There is a saying in the redwood world: "The mahogany furniture that does not crack 100% does not exist." Because of this, mahogany furniture, although hard and thick, does not rule out the possibility of seeking after-sales.

Similarly, mahogany furniture also requires regular maintenance, but non-professional personnel are often overwhelmed. In a mahogany furniture store on Changhu Road in Nanning, the reporter saw that the clerk regularly stained the surface of the mahogany furniture with a soft cloth dipped in beeswax to prevent cracking. The clerk said that beeswax is difficult to buy in the market, they are directly ordering from the apiary, about 100 / kg.

Recommendation: Huang Zhiquan, vice president of Dongxing Redwood Chamber of Commerce, as a rosewood manufacturer, has his own after-sales team. He said: "A large part of the sales of mahogany furniture relies on word of mouth. After the sale, it is a win-win situation. For consumers, of course, it is more secure. For merchants, it is often able to win more customers and advise consumers. To buy from a branded business, you have no worries."

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