Staying up late at the World Cup away from football, let us be a healthy player


On June 13th, the 2014 World Cup in Brazil is coming. Faced with a four-year football event, how can the fans be able to enjoy the game in the arena of the World Cup Stadium, not to miss the wonderful game, but also to prevent the body from being damaged ? Experts teach you some health measures to deal with the World Cup.

  Eating properly to ensure sleep

     Make up sleep : In addition to working hard in the diet, the family staying up late must strengthen physical exercise. If you feel lack of energy or want to sleep, you should do gymnastics or go outdoors. Because staying up late will take up the time of normal sleep, so you may wish to see the opportunity to supplement your sleep. When you go home in the following class, you can close your eyes and keep a refreshing moment in the car, or use the unit to take a nap for a while, you can restore your strength and make your spirits refreshed, so as to benefit from " again war. "

Replenishing calories: Watching the ball at night, the spirit is exhilarating, the body is very expensive, and the calories should be properly supplemented. Such as eating some fruits , vegetables and protein foods such as meat, eggs, etc. to supplement physical exertion, but do not eat big fish and meat. Eat more peanuts, almonds, cashews, walnuts and other dried fruit foods, which are rich in minerals, vitamin B , vitamin E , calcium and iron and vegetable oils, while cholesterol is low, special for restoring physical fitness. The effect.

Reasonably allocate physical strength to prevent overwork

Anti-disease: Among the various damages caused to the body during the day and night, the most common is that people often feel tired, lack of energy, and the body's resistance decreases. For this type of people, respiratory diseases, gastrointestinal diseases, urinary system diseases will come to the door at any time, and need to be especially guarded.

     Anti-overwork : The World Cup lasted for more than a month, so if you watched the games in many games, it would really ruin your body. It is recommended that some group matches can be seen or not, or you may wish to give up later. Otherwise, I will not give up at the beginning, and I will not be moved because I am overworked in the semi-final or finals. Is it because I have lost too much ?




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