Shanghai Xinzhuang Instrument Freeze Dryer Maintenance and Precautions


Freeze dryer notes:

Do not switch frequently during operation. If the chiller stops running due to operational errors, it cannot be started immediately. Wait at least 20 minutes before starting again to avoid damage to the chiller. After each freeze-drying, the ice on the cold trap coil is turned into water, and then the towel is cleaned and lyophilized. When the "inflation valve" is unscrewed to the cold trap, it must be slow to avoid damaging the vacuum gauge.

Freeze dryer maintenance method:

1. Keep the surface of the compressor fins clean and clean with dry cloth and dry brush.

2. The rubber ring should not be oiled under normal circumstances, but it should be kept free of particulate impurities.

3, keep the ambient temperature moderate, too high or too low will lead to oil leakage.

4. During the use of vacuum pump oil, the eye side changes from light color to yellow, brown, brown or even black. To replace the new oil oil in brown, the scale should be ≤ 1/2, and the oil should be changed when the suspended material is found in the oil window. . If the oil separator separator above the pump exceeds 1/2, it needs to be drained.

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