Dating preferred sweet and lovely blush

The best for young girls is this sweet and lovely blush, which will make you stand out from the crowd whether you are on vacation or on a date.

Dating preferred sweet and lovely blush

The sweet and lovely blush painting is mainly suitable for occasions such as dating, going out for vacation, sister gatherings, etc.

Its color is mainly pink or peach-colored orange.

Sweet and lovely blushing method: use a blush brush to take a moderate blush, gently bounce off the excess amount of powder, find the position of our apple muscles, smear in a circular motion, and don't take too much More blush, when the smear is less powerful, be gentle, avoid excessive and become a "village aunt red." After the circle at the highest point of the apple muscle, gently carry the remaining blush to the bridge of the nose, and sweep the forehead and chin to create a rosy youthful look.

It should be noted that although it is a feeling of creating a cute feeling, it should not be excessive, and a round glimpse of the face is absolutely NG. >>>The wrong makeup method will be old

Our Longer Mousetrap can catch mice continuously for a long time, without management in the middle, and automatically catch mice and reset. The longer mousetrap uses the weight of the mouse to guide the mouse that is trying to eat in the bait bin into the trap step by step. The mouse enters the predetermined position and the mechanism opens, and at the same time automatically intercepts the mouse's retreat, forcing the mouse to continue to enter the storage mouse while seeking a way out warehouse.

Longer mousetrap suitable for homes, warehouses, offices, fattening fields, etc., beautiful, strong and durable.

Special Feature:
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Longer Mousetrap

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