Introduction of UV-Vis Spectrophotometer

Ultraviolet-visible spectrophotometer is a kind of photometer, which covers a lot of content. The following is a brief introduction from three aspects: influencing factors, precautions, and instrument maintenance.

Influencing factors of ultraviolet-visible spectrophotometer:

1. Temperature: At room temperature, the temperature does not change much, and has little effect on the absorption value of molecules, but at low temperatures, the energy exchange between adjacent molecules decreases, making the light absorption intensity about 10% higher than the indoor temperature.

2. PH value: The same substance has different dissociation degrees in different PH solutions, and its absorbed light value is different.

3. Solution concentration: If the concentration of the solution to be measured is too low or too high, some molecules in the solution will change, affecting the accuracy of the measurement.

4. Slot width of the instrument: If the slit quality of the monochromatic light is not good or is too large, the monochromatic light is poor in unity, and the wave will interfere with the measurement due to its measurement error.

5. Background absorption: There are some magazines in the sample to be tested, which have greater light absorption at the wavelength measured by the sample to be tested, causing background absorption, increasing the absorbance value of the substance to be tested or causing the absorption spectrum overlapping.

Precautions for the use of UV-visible photometer:

1. The instrument needs to be warmed up for 30 minutes before use.

2. Move slowly when opening and closing the sample chamber cover.

3. Do not dump the test sample on top of the instrument to prevent the sample from polluting the surface of the instrument and damaging the instrument.

4. When taking the absorption cell, you should take both sides of the frosted glass surface, and hold 3/4 ~ 4/5 of the sampler cell body as the degree. When using volatile solvents, they should be covered. For light transmission, use lens cleaning paper Wipe clean from top to bottom and check that no solvent remains. Pay attention to the same direction when placing the sample chamber in the sink. After use, rinse with ethanol water, dry it, and store it in dustproof condition

5. The hand-washing sink must be clean, and pay attention to matching use. Both bottles and pipettes should be calibrated and washed before use.

Maintenance of the instrument:

1. Temperature and humidity

Keep the room temperature at 15 ~ 30 ℃, and the relative humidity should be controlled at 45% ~ 80%

Dustproof, shockproof, electromagnetic interference proof, there should be no strong magnetic field around the instrument. Do not expose to direct sunlight, and do not place in an environment with corrosive gases or organic and inorganic gases that absorb in the UV wavelength range.

2. If the tungsten lamp and deuterium lamp do not turn on after powering on, check the fuse first. If it breaks, replace it with a new fuse. Pay attention to replacing the fuse, turn off the power switch and cut off the power.

3. In order to prevent phototube fatigue, the cuvette dark box cover must be opened when not measuring to cut off the optical path to prolong the service life of the tube.

4. The life of the photometer and other sources is limited. If you do not measure for a long time, you should disconnect it through the UVProbe software (click "Disconnect" and then turn off the power of the photometer.

5. Do not open the sample chamber cover during the instrument self-checking and scanning.

6. The software will not automatically save the data. All data must be saved by clicking "Save" or "Save As". Otherwise, the data will be lost.

7. The initial setting of the sample chamber and the incident quartz window should not be contaminated. Do not touch the light-transmitting window in the sample chamber with your hands. If you accidentally touch it, wipe with absolute ethanol.

8. Pay attention to the normal communication of the software to prevent computer virus infection.

9. During the stoppage of work, bagged silica gel desiccant should be placed in the sample chamber of the host. Cover the entire instrument with a dust cover.

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