Technical Analysis of Heidelberg Speedmaster XL75

At Drupa 2008, Heidelberg, a family of offset presses, solemnly introduced a new device, the Speedmaster XL75. This new member representing the quality of Heidelberg's printing press for more than 150 years, once launched, has become the focus of attention in the world's printing field.

XL stands for Excel's high-strength and excellent. From the design and production to the market, this top-level offset press contains the crystallization of the collective wisdom of Heidelberg. Below we will take you into the mysterious palace of Heidelberg offset presses and experience the perfect quality of XL75.

The exterior design is solemn and solemn and elegant. The Heidelberg Speedmaster XL75 can be described as grand and magnificent. It can be equipped with up to 12 printing and glazing units. The appearance is meticulously created by the German industrial design department: the shape is extremely dazzling and semicircular streamlined design, the silver color of the fuselage makes the whole machine more graceful and luxurious; the cover of the operation surface is like a sliding phone, which can slide up and down freely , Which facilitates the use and maintenance of the machine; the distance between the printing units is spacious and comfortable, fully considering the convenience of workers in various countries around the world; the paper feeding system uses a standard single-suction enhanced feeder, simple and stable; The paper system adopts a lift-type high-level paper collection, which is practical and generous; the machine's paper feeding system and paper receiving system both use a control panel with a touch screen and adjustment knob, which can easily adjust the printing, dampening settings and paper feeding settings. In short, the overall design of the Speedmaster XL75 gives a positive feeling.

Accurate positioning Facing the high-quality printing market, the Heidelberg Speedmaster XL75 is a top-of-the-line four-press printing machine mainly for high-quality commercial, packaging and label printing. It can be customized according to the needs of customers. It can be equipped with up to 12 printing and glazing units. It can also be equipped with special processes such as UV glazing, double glazing, FoilStar cold foil transfer, and web slitting function. device. The applicable thickness range of the substrate is 0.03 ~ 0.8mm, which is particularly good for material compatibility. These configurations are the best for customers who have special requirements for printing, and can meet a variety of different needs.

Strong technology highlights Heidelberg's strength. The paper transfer design ensures accurate paper transfer. The Heidelberg Speedmaster XL75's paper transfer device represents the cutting-edge technology level of offset presses. Feida adopts the standard single-suction suction-enhanced Feida, without any pressure roller and pressure plate, with a high degree of automation and does not require too many operations; intelligent paper transfer system can be automatically detected by the sensor The paper conveying status effectively controls the paper transfer; the double-diameter impression cylinder and paper transfer cylinder make the paper not produce a large curvature when it is turned over; the plate cylinder, rubber cylinder and impression cylinder adopt seven The arrangement of the o'clock means that after the tail of the paper leaves the blanket, the gripper of the paper is actually transferred to the next roller, so that the paper will not be affected by the rubber peeling force during the transfer, reducing the error of the printing transfer; each The paper transfer cylinder has an air-cushioned paper guide. This paper guide will blow through the air to form an air cushion layer. This air cushion layer can float the paper on it, thus ensuring good handover accuracy when printing various papers. There will be wrinkles at the end of the paper, thick paper will not be scratched, and the tail of the thin paper will not be swayed and dirty at will.

Ink control guarantees the color quality of printing. The Heidelberg Speedmaster XL75 has a design of two ink lengths. Whether it is large-scale packaging printing or small-volume business printing, it can be freely switched according to printing needs, with certain flexibility. The large-diameter impression cylinder can minimize the generation of ink sticks and improve printing quality; the dual-circuit ink roller temperature control system ensures that there is a water circulation system between the ink roller and the ink fountain roller to control the printing time. The temperature of the ink finally makes the ink's suitability reach a constant state, thereby ensuring the consistency of the ink color of the printed product and greatly reducing the ink difference.

The paper collection design ensures the post-processing performance of the paper. The body of the Heidelberg Speedmaster XL75 is longer than similar models. The extended paper collection system makes the paper have a better drying effect during the transfer process; at the same time, the Heidelberg Speedmaster XL75 can also be based on The temperature control system on the surface of the paper stack controls the drying capacity by the sensor, so that the drying of the printed surface reaches an optimal effect; the powder spraying device with a metering device can achieve the best powder spraying while reducing the amount of powder spraying The effect is also conducive to the subsequent processing of printed products, such as laminating, etc .; the paper delivery system is also equipped with a control panel with a touch screen and adjustment knobs, making the operation more convenient.

Post-press processing realizes the integration of printing process. The online functions of XL75 include online glazing, online die cutting, FoilStar cold foil transfer and other functions. If you use roll paper, you can also install a roll paper cutting device, so that the printing press increases the function of roll paper printing. This function can solve the problem of plastic film (such as PVC, PP, etc.) printing process, which is easy to generate static electricity and will be adsorbed during single sheet printing, resulting in printing failure. At the same time using web printing can also reduce paper waste.

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