How to guard against new furniture pollution

The pollution of new furniture in the room is not a new topic. Long-term in the environment of excessive furniture pollution, it will cause respiratory function decline, asthma and bronchitis and other airway obstructive diseases and mortality increased. It can be seen that indoor pollution has seriously affected people's daily lives. So do we know the source of furniture pollution?

1. What is new furniture pollution?

Furniture pollution means that the newly purchased furniture generally contains special odors, such as formaldehyde, ammonia, benzene, TVOC and other volatile organic compounds. These pollutants may cause dizziness, nausea and other uncomfortable conditions after being easily absorbed by the body. .

2. What are the new furniture pollutants?

Formaldehyde: The harmful substances produced by furniture are mainly free formaldehyde, mainly from toxic solvents such as adhesive paints and coatings of wood-based panels.

Benzene: Benzene contamination caused by adhesives. Adhesives are used in a large number of applications in the manufacture of furniture. These adhesives can volatilize large amounts of organic contaminants during use.

Ammonia: A colorless, strong stimulating gas that is found in additives used in furniture finishing and in antifreeze.

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3. Which furniture is prone to pollution?

The use of panel furniture, office furniture, kitchen furniture, etc. produced from wood-based panel materials is more likely to cause pollution.

Textile materials and internal fillings in fabric furniture, the surface layer will contain formaldehyde finishing agent.

Simmons or mountain brown mattresses are one of the sources of odor pollution in indoor environments due to the large amount of adhesive used in the filling.

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