Dating interviews with high fat is a big problem

Speaking of oil control, don't think that the face is not full of oil is the standard, oil control is a learning, a little careless, you control is not just oil, but also destroys the health of your skin.
Dating interview, too high fat is a big problem

Why is the skin shiny?

Think that the skin is just a layer of skin, then you are wrong, the skin is the body's largest barrier defense organ, you dare to think about people who no skin will look like? The distribution of sebaceous glands on the facial skin is the first in the whole body, so it is more prone to oily problems. Sebaceous glands secrete sebum throughout the year. These sebum can adhere to the surface of the skin evenly, forming a sebum film. This layer of sebum is not thick, but it bears an important role in resisting external stimuli and preventing moisture loss inside the skin.

Several reasons affecting sebum secretion

Sebum levels are closely related to heredity, environment, age and bodily functions, so some people's skin types are divided into three types: dry, mixed, and oily. Of course, the sebum level of the skin is also affected by the external environment. For example, in the cold winter, the situation of oily light rarely occurs. Age is also a key factor that directly affects sebum levels. Sebum gland secretion decreases with age, which explains why the quality of care used for mature skin is usually more mellow. When the body function is disordered, the activity level of the sebaceous glands will be affected. For example, many people will have oil abnormalities and acne problems before and after puberty.

Dating interview, too high fat is a big problem

In addition to affecting the appearance of the oil, it can also cause skin problems.

1, acne

In oily skin types, many people suffer from acne. When the sebaceous gland secretory function is too exuberant to secrete too much oil, the oil that cannot be discharged normally will be stored in the pores. When bacteria or dirty air is encountered, malignant fatty acid or anaerobic infection will occur, and the acne will be released. smallpox.

2, blackhead

When sebum blocked in the pores cannot be discharged for a long time, in addition to causing acne problems, blackheads may also be produced. The oil exposed to the outside of the pores is oxidized by the air, and the ends of the oil particles appear as yellow-brown stars. If they are not observed, they are dark brown, so they are called blackheads.

3, dark complexion

Dark complexion is not only due to the massive deposition of melanin, but also because of the oxidation of sebum. When a large amount of fat can not be used by the stratum corneum, it will accumulate in the abnormally developed parts of the sebaceous gland. Over time, it will turn yellow due to oxidation. It is the whole person who looks dull and has a poor color. This is like if the pearl is not isolated. It takes a long time for the air to be stored for a long time to turn yellow.

4, large pores

Excessive secretion of oil will also support large pores. The reason is that when the existing size of the pores cannot meet the existing "emissions" of sebum, the excess oil is in a state of escaping for a long time, and the old one attached to the pores. The dead skin cells make the pores look unusually large from a distance.

5, Demodex infection

Demodex is a kind of hair follicle that is parasitic in the skin. It relies on the human body to eat human sebum. A lot of oil secretion gives the Demodex a sufficient food source to accelerate its reproduction, while the activity of Demodex in the skin. It also stimulates the activity of the sebaceous glands, knowing that it is not a vicious circle.

Dating interview, too high fat is a big problem

Correct oil control method

1. Do not use soap-based cleansing products.

Although strong alkaline cleansing products such as soap base can effectively scrape the oil, it is bound to damage the sebum membrane on the surface of the skin. The sebum membrane is imperfect, and the sebaceous glands will accelerate the secretion of sebum, resulting in more sebum. At the same time, the damaged sebum film can not function as a normal defense, and skin problems such as sensitive and rough will come to the door. For oily skin, thorough cleaning is not the same as deep cleansing. It is difficult to control the "deep" level. It is slightly inadvertent and causes secondary damage to the skin. Therefore, in daily cleaning work, it is necessary to do Properly cleaned, amino acid cleansing products are the best choice.

2, physical adsorption method is feasible, but not for the whole face

By using a skin care product containing oil-adsorbing particles such as kaolin and silicon, it is possible to safely adsorb oil. However, the oil-controlling power of such adsorbent components is extremely strong, and slight accidental problems can cause skin problems such as blasting. The T-zone and other areas with strong sebum are best used locally to avoid full face use.

3, mild acid rejuvenating ingredients

Salicylic acid and its derivatives, glycolic acid can effectively bind the sebaceous glands at low concentrations, which is a way to inhibit sebum from the skin source. At the same time, such acid rejuvenating ingredients can effectively clean pores. The rubbish and the old dead skin cells around the pores inhibit the secretion of oil while gently exfoliating.

4, antibacterial and oil control active zinc

The active agent not only has the effect of controlling oil, but also is a strong bacteriostatic agent, preventing sebum and preventing acne.

5. Chinese herbal medicines that are inseparable from demodex

The use of skin care products or lotions containing carnivorous plant ingredients such as Cnidium, Hundred, Dandelion, etc. is the preferred solution against the sebum problem caused by Demodex, completely eliminating the hair follicles parasitic in the pores and avoiding the sebum of the hair follicles. A vicious cycle that promotes the secretion of sebum for food.

Dating interview, too high fat is a big problem

Sebum is not nothing, don't control oil

Sebum not only improves the skin's defense function, but also moisturizes the skin, so many brands emphasize that their moisturizing ingredients "are the same as the skin's natural sebum." Do not think that sebaceous glands are too active to cause facial problems. Some studies have pointed out that people with oily skin are easily plagued by skin problems such as acne blackheads, but it is also because of the sebum level beyond ordinary people. Age maintenance has taken up a lot of cheap, or the skin type of people is "with emollient exposed", even if you do not use moisturizing products are not susceptible to drying problems. >>>How to use emulsion to achieve the best results

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