Children's environmentally friendly paint prices are high, experts say that environmental protection is not completely non-toxic

In the home market, the price of children's household products is generally higher than ordinary similar products, as is the environmentally friendly paint for children. However, is the child's environmentally friendly paint really non-toxic and harmless? According to industry insiders, children's environmentally friendly paint is not completely safe and non-toxic.

Recently, Ms. Zhou, who is renovating her new house, is ready to buy paint. After a round of laps, she found that many merchants on the market have introduced children's paints, which are specially designed for children's rooms and children's furniture. The merchant said that "environmental protection is better than other similar products", but the price is also a lot more expensive. So, where is the child's paint expensive? Is it really safe and non-toxic as the business claims? With these questions, the reporter visited the paint market and related people.

Parents: Spend money to buy Xinan

Statistics show that there are about 800,000 children who die from upper respiratory tract infections caused by decoration pollution in China. Among them, more than 300,000 children under the age of 5 are related to indoor air pollution, and in various decoration materials, the hidden dangers of paints maximum. This set of data allows Ms. Zhou, who is currently renovating her new home, to decide to bite her teeth and buy more “environmentally friendly” children's paint.

Considering the 3-year-old daughter, Ms. Zhou strictly required the environmental protection factor when selecting decoration materials. "Recently, there are too many reports on formaldehyde over-standard and benzene exceeding the standard of decoration materials. I am afraid when I look at it. I would rather spend more money to ensure the environment at home." When it comes to buying building materials, Ms. Zhou admits that she is a little "child control", but where With the words "children", she will give priority to it. At the beginning, Ms. Zhou only intended to use the children's paint for her daughter's room. Later, under the strong propaganda of the sales staff, she decided to use the children's paint for the whole family, even if she spent more money.

Price: twice as expensive as ordinary paint

Recently, when reporters visited some paint and paint shops, they found that many paint distributors all claimed that children's paints were sold. Some indicate that the VOC content is about zero on the outer packaging, some claim to be able to effectively remove formaldehyde, and others indicate that the product has superior "de-benzene" ability on the publicity page. All kinds of functions are based on the word "environmental protection". However, the reporter carefully compared the composition of ordinary lacquer and children's lacquer, and found that both were composed of acrylic emulsion, lead-free pigment, etc., and ordinary consumers could not see the difference with the naked eye. The price of children's paint is not low. In a brand paint store in Shaoshan Road, Shantou City, a 5 liter bamboo charcoal without adding children's paint is priced at 788 yuan, which is about twice as expensive as the brand's 5-in-1 non-added wall paint.

Insiders: It is impossible to be completely non-toxic

Where is the color of children's paints? The answer of the paint agent is almost the same: children's paint is safer and more environmentally friendly. As for the corresponding test reports or data, they are often not available. The reporter reviewed the current coating standards, the "Limited Hazardous Substances in Interior Decoration Materials for Interior Decoration Materials", which was published in 2008, and there are no specifications for children's paints. In fact, domestic disputes over children's paints have long existed. In October 2012, the Environmental Monitoring Center of Zhejiang Province tested four children's paints of different prices. The results showed that the children's paints that claimed to be “zero pollution” also contained pollutants such as VOC and formaldehyde.

Huang Shifu, who has more than ten years of experience in paint distribution, told reporters that children's paints are a commercial concept for manufacturers to meet the operational needs of marketing and cater to consumers' special attention to the safety and health of children during the renovation process. “Children's paints and ordinary interior wall water-based paints are not much different. From the perspective of environmental protection index, it can be said that there is no difference, and at the current level of production technology, children's paints cannot be completely non-toxic.”

Xiao Bian suggestion: After the completion of the renovation of the children's room, the window should be ventilated for a period of time before the children can stay, do not believe the concept of "completely non-toxic".

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