Application of diamond saw blade in building cutting

The diamond saw blades produced today have introduced a number of important innovations in recent years, based on the evolution of the tools and mechanical technologies used. Controlled and selectively dismantled technology is based primarily on diamond tools and can be used for reinforced concrete and concrete operations in addition to rock. The diamond saw blade makes it possible to work selectively and ecologically, that is, to work only on a specific area of ​​the building and to maintain the integrity of other structures of the non-working body. The “ecological” demolition of cement and other similar materials means that production activities are not suspended during construction operations, there is no overall vibration and the noise is quite low.

In addition to not causing breakage, micro-fracture and damage to adjacent or attached objects, there is no vibration during the cutting of the diamond saw blade, making it possible to perform major work on existing buildings without causing damage. The use of a diamond saw blade also ensures fast and high precision operation, and the number of operators required is much lower than that of a conventional demolition system.

Demolition and cutting of reinforced concrete, concrete, rock and steel can be done at low cost in a short time.

The following are the main advantages of using a diamond saw blade in controlled demolition:

1. Ensure the structure is protected from the risk of vibration: the cutting is carried out without vibration of the main structure and surrounding structures.

2, greatly reducing the noise and dust pollution from the construction (continuous use of water flow for cooling during the cutting process);

3. There is no need to suspend production activities carried out in the structure involved in the operation. Because the demolition operations do not affect the progress of these activities (excellent solutions for the construction of production and residential buildings).

4, (reinforced concrete, concrete, stone) structural demolition operations are gradual and regional (surgical);

5. It is more economical than traditional demolition because it is faster and the number of required workers is greatly reduced;

6. Based on the technical characteristics and working characteristics (targeting and selectivity) of the tool (diamond saw blade), the cutting effect is quite accurate;

7. The operation mode is safer, and the risk of safety is reduced (the operator's risk control is more powerful).
These advantages are also a prerequisite for our occupation of the market.

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