Slitting machine classification

The types of slitting machines are increasing, and the classification methods are also different. According to the requirements of the size of the paper, it can be divided into a paper slitter and a small paper slitter. There are three working methods according to the slitting machine, which are divided into flat knife slitting, extrusion slitting and round knife slitting. The flat knife slitting is like a razor, which falls to the falling position during the running of the material, thereby achieving the purpose of slitting. This is two kinds of hanging cuts. When the material passes through two rolls, the razor falls to cut the material longitudinally. This slitting method is convenient for the knife and easy to operate. The grooving is performed when the material is run on the sipe roll, and the cutter is dropped into the groove of the sipe roll to cut the material longitudinally. When slitting a PP film or a film with a narrow edge material, this slitting method is often used to improve the slitting efficiency. However, compared with the hanging and slitting, its disadvantage is that it is inconvenient to the knife. Extrusion slitting is not common in domestic slitting machines. It is mainly composed of pneumatic knives that are synchronized with the material speed and have a certain angle of the bottom roller and easy adjustment.

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