Several factors that affect the tension control of gravure printing machine

The tension control system of a gravure press is essentially a special follow-up system in which the input amount changes according to an adjustable attenuation law. Tension control can be said to be the core of complete machine control. As long as the tension control is stable and the tension change is small, the color registration accuracy and reject rate of the gravure printer are easily controlled.

Therefore, in order to ensure gravure quality and efficiency, a fully functional tension control system must be provided. However, in the printing process, the factors that cause fluctuations and changes in the tension of the gravure press tend to be more complex. The main influencing factors are roughly as follows:

1. In the process of collecting and unwinding the gravure roll, the diameter of the winding and unwinding is constantly changing, and the change of the diameter must cause the tension of the strip to change. When the unwinding torque is constant, the diameter decreases and the tension increases. On the contrary, if the winding torque is constant, the tension will decrease as the winding diameter increases. This is determined by the intrinsic characteristics of the gravure printing machine and is also one of the main factors that cause the tape tension to change.

2. The manufacturing accuracy and assembly accuracy of the main components of the gravure printing machine such as the base, wall plates, and guide rollers are different. For example, the flatness and straightness of the base assembly, the verticality of the assembly of the wall plate and the base, the level of the assembly of the rollers and guide rollers, and the parallelism between them, their respective runout deviations, mass dynamic and static balance deviations, etc. And so on, all are very strict. Otherwise, when the tape runs on the plate roller and many guide rollers, the tension on the tape will change slightly. It will eventually be reflected on the entire machine, resulting in an irregular change in tension. In addition, the gears and gear boxes in the main drive system of the gravure printing machine should be precise and without gaps to ensure that the printing rollers of each printing unit run synchronously. If the printing process causes synchronization error, it is bound to cause the tension of each printing unit. Make a change.

3. Inhomogeneity of the material inside the tape. For example, the fluctuation of the material elastic modulus, the change of the material thickness along the width and the length, the eccentricity of the material coil volume, and the temperature and humidity changes in the production environment will all have a subtle influence on the tension fluctuation of the entire machine.

4. In the gravure printing machine in the process of automatic reloading without stopping the machine, the feeding and cutting of the material will cause the original stable tension to suddenly change. The higher the speed of operation of the equipment, the greater the interference. At this time, the tension control system should be able to automatically and randomly adjust the tension according to the tension of the tape tension so that the tension can restore the original stable state in time.

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