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This product has double burner design, double firepower, double power. The firepower is even and strong, combustion is full, and the heating is rapid. It is suitable for all kinds of pot type. Double leak protection, use more secure. Compact and simple folding design, folded into two, easily packaged, save space, easy to carry. A more lightweight design, while ensuring the durability of the product. Red appearance, beautiful appearance, embodies the Chinese style and ALOCS Chinese genes. The price on Taobao is 382 yuan.

Oven display

Double fire gas furnace

Gas stove bottom

Foldable gas furnace

Stove plate

Bottom of the stove

Finished gas furnace

Love Luke Phantom Double Fire Gas Product Parameters:
Name: Mirage Double Fire Gas Stove Stoves Category: Gas Furnace Furnace Structure: One-piece Applicable Environment: Cold Environment Brand: Alocs/ Love Road Product Number: CS-G06
Fuel type: Isobutane mixture specification: Expanding size: 850*275*320mm Packing size: 306x244x106mm Product size: 542x244x82mm
Weight: 2100g Material: Stainless steel, Aluminum Ignition: Available Origin: China Color: Silver Red Fuel: No Size: Product Size 542x244x82mm
Package size: 306x244x106mm
Net weight: 2100 g Material: Stainless steel, Aluminum


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