Finished house into the mainstream of Xiamen residential market

With the promotion of “low-carbon” urban construction, residential finished products have gradually become a new development trend. The 9th Xiamen Habitat Exhibition will hold the second finished product design, decoration and parts exhibition in the same period to promote the in-depth development of Xiamen finished housing construction.

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Finished house into the mainstream of Xiamen residential market

In recent years, with the promotion of the construction of low-carbon cities in Xiamen and the government's promotion of finished housing projects, the number of finished housing projects in the city has increased significantly. Since April 8, 2010, the newly approved residential projects in Xiamen Island have been fully required to implement fine decoration, and all the affordable housing in Xiamen has also achieved a renovation. In July 2010, Xiamen City was identified as one of the low-carbon pilot cities by the National Development and Reform Commission.

As one of the first low-carbon pilot cities in China, Xiamen is actively creating a low-carbon and environmentally-friendly urban life for the citizens and striving to improve the quality of life of the citizens. As an upgrade product of the traditional rough house, the finished house has the advantages of more professional design, safer construction, more sophisticated materials, higher cost performance, more energy saving and environmental protection. Nowadays, a number of finished house projects have been launched on the island and outside. The finished house has become the mainstream trend of the development of the commercial residential market in Xiamen. More and more buyers are willing to purchase finished houses.

“Assembled building” can resist earthquakes of magnitude 10

   The reporter learned yesterday that this Habitat Exhibition attracted foreign famous ecological construction institutions from design and production to the overall decoration of the building. The institute has nine production lines including integrated building, integrated green landscape, die-cast ceiling, integrated wardrobe, integrated cabinets, integrated wooden doors, integrated toilets and integrated intelligent IoT system. It specializes in research and development and production of “energy-saving prefabricated assembled buildings”.

This kind of building integrates high-toughness steel, ultra-high-strength concrete, thermal insulation and sound insulation materials, exquisite solid wood stone and intelligent home system. It can quickly complete the decoration of a house in 12 hours, its speed and quality. The reliability, low cost and green environmental protection are the first in the world. The high toughness and high strength of the main structure can last for 120 years and can withstand the magnitude 10 earthquake.

Set up the finished room concept hall at the exhibition site

   The organizing committee carefully built the finished concept hall in the center exhibition area of ​​the finished product exhibition. The concept hall is designed by a senior decoration design organization. The structure layout consists of bedroom, living room, kitchen, dining room, bathroom, etc. The finished materials are used for the decoration materials of the floor, wall, door and window, balcony, railing, interior finishing, cabinet, bathroom and other parts. Recommended brand for decoration parts. Visitors can go to the finished room model room concept hall to experience the experience at the exhibition site, and more intuitively understand the concept of the finished house.

It is understood that in addition to the exhibition hall of the finished product, the exhibition area of ​​the finished product exhibition center will also showcase the development history of Xiamen's finished products and related development policies.

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