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In the blink of an eye, spring has entered our lives quietly. I believe this is another great outdoor sports season for many outdoor sports enthusiasts. The warming of the weather allowed ALICEs to take off their warmth-keeping equipment and re-build their arms to welcome the warm spring. In 2012, Kolumb will provide a pair of new spring and autumn outdoor camp shoes for the feet of many donkeys who embark on the journey. The new outdoor camp shoes have super waterproof and air permeability, and this performance also meets the weather characteristics of the season. The donkeys who wear this shoe are convenient for outdoor activities such as fishing and self-determination. The upper surface is elegantly light gray, which undoubtedly brings you another peaceful sky in the spring season. The new Kolumb Spring and Autumn Men's outdoor camp shoes, which are priced at 368 yuan, not only allow you to experience superior performance, but also allow you to try out the price benefits.

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Kolumb Spring Camp Shoes Sole Design

In response to the demand for lightweight equipment in the spring and autumn, the outsole of the Kolumb camp shoe uses ULTRALIGHT ultralight technology to reduce the weight of the shoes themselves and to wear it to give you a light pace. Even if you are walking outdoors for a long time, it will not make you feel the heavy footsteps. The shoe outsole is made of rubber material, which is a good anti-slip and shock absorber. The high-density EVA coating increases the resilience of the shoe and makes the feet more comfortable when walking. The design of the gravel pattern bottom flower not only increases the aesthetic appearance of the sole, but also increases its friction, making it more suitable for outdoor sports wear. This super-innovative Bottom Flower sucker design, to cope with outdoor conditions of the surface more grip.

Kolumb camp shoe sucker sole design

Kolumb camp shoe soles selection of materials

The front toe of the sole has a front wrap protection design, which fully enhances the wear resistance of the shoes and also protects your feet from some accidental injuries in outdoor sports. The heel part of the shoe is provided with a protection sheet, which has the function features of anti-collision, scratch-proof and wear-resistance, thereby ensuring the comfort of outdoor wearing.

In order to ensure the comfort of the new camp shoes, Kolumb uses a single-density foamed EVA, a bottom groove anti-slip design and a 3D stereo tumbler design in the insole part of the shoes. These shoes are applied to the shoes to make the shoes tight. The feet of the subway pot are tight, thus reducing the easy mobility of the feet in the shoes, which is more stable inside the shoes, thereby reducing unnecessary injuries during exercise. The microporous quick-drying and sweat-absorbing fabric used in the insole itself can eliminate sweat from the feet and bring in fresh and dry air, which makes the shoes have a good breathability.

Kolumb camp shoe heel design

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