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Ultra-lightweight and thin skin windbreaker

In the summer, the sport will inevitably suffer more hardships, violent sunshine, hot weather, rainy weather, etc. In order to meet the ALICE passion for outdoor sports and be troubled by these problems, AIRTEX launched ultra-light super Thin anti-UV women's skin windbreaker is designed to provide professional protection for ALICE lovers who love outdoor sports. It is no longer afraid of the fierce sunshine and allows ALICEs to freely stride in nature during the hot summer months. The price of this women's skin trench coat on Taobao is 158 yuan.

Skin windbreaker

Easy to carry in sports


Ultra-lightweight slim coat

Multi-angle view windbreaker effect

Ultra light weight, exceptionally comfortable contact, good breathability, and a certain degree of wind resistance, water resistance, and very soft, like a thin layer of human skin. Ultra-light, ultra-thin, UV-resistant fabric, feather-like lightness, combined with superior waterproof features, LOGO high-end thermal transfer chest. Fashion hood design, with both hands to tighten the contraction rope, tighten the rear wind cap to close the scarf, does not hinder the realization. Double sutures secure the cuffs to tighten the Velcro, and with the elastic design, the elasticity can be adjusted freely. The hem elasticity adjustment rope can play a role in windproof.

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