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EXR: EXR with Personality and Fashion Collision

As early as in 2001, EXR broke the concept of separating traditional sportswear from casual wear in the traditional mode of human thinking. Through continuous experimentation and research, EXR pioneered the introduction of a new clothing concept in South Korea, the trend capital of Asia. - Personalized sports casual wear, setting off the modern city crowd dress the most fashionable individual sports storm. As the most outstanding representative in this new style of apparel, EXR continues to innovate and develop, always adhering to the spirit of enterprising, giving its customers the most exquisite costumes to wear, and this fashion trend has evolved into urban civilization and social culture. The new lifestyle of the trend has been extended to all regions of the world.... EXR was established in 2001 to build a global design system. There are design studios in London, UK, Seoul, South Korea, Tokyo, Japan, and Shanghai, China. At present, EXR's global marketing strategy has been fully established in South Korea, China, Japan, and Indonesia. With its precise market positioning and unique apparel design, EXR's performance in China is growing at a rate of over 100% per year. More than 300 stores have been sold, and more than 100 stores have been established in high-end department stores in the first and second-tier cities in China. EXR will continue to surpass and innovate as its philosophy, with the goal of “creating the world's most popular, luxurious, and dynamic sportswear and casual clothing”, and strives to bring more pioneering fashion design concepts and fashion products to the Chinese market. Exclusive personality and fashion passion collision! The EXR in infinite progress...

EXR Contact Information: Affiliation: South Korea IGGS Children Shanghai Yingdao Import Co., Ltd. Contact Phone Brand Fax Contact Address: Room 1115, Yongsheng Building, No. 2025 Zhongshan West Road, Shanghai

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