Focus on the price of mahogany furniture fell: crazy speculation hype to pay the price

The mahogany furniture market is getting worse

In the past ten years, the price of trading in the mahogany market has been stunned. Mahogany furniture has turned several times, and some logs have even turned dozens of times. The huge interest temptation has caused many investors to switch from speculating real estate and stock trading to fried mahogany. However, in the past few months, the dazzling redwood market has suddenly felt the chill of the bursts. The price of redwood suddenly turned sharply from the skyrocketing.

Beijing is one of the most concentrated areas for the sale of classical mahogany furniture in the country. It is a national benchmark market. However, in the peak season of sales, the large and small mahogany furniture market here is extremely deserted. In a store that is known for selling high-end furniture, there are few customers in several mahogany furniture stores.
Zhang Hongchao, a Beijing-based mahogany furniture dealer, told the author that from this entire hypermarket, the current passenger traffic is very rare. No matter what kind of furniture, no matter what kind of building materials, the passenger flow is scarce.

Beijing redwood merchant Zhang Jihong said that it is not very good, and some have not signed a few months. You are like this time last year, it seems that one of them downstairs said that it is 70 square meters a month can sign three or four hundred thousand, four hundred and fifty thousand. But now, it seems that it will not work.

The number of customers is reduced, the merchants naturally play the price reduction card, and in all the mahogany furniture stores in a store, the price is reduced by 20%, and the price is reduced by nearly half.

In the investigation, the author found that in the home market of the first floor of mahogany in Beijing, which specializes in high-end mahogany furniture, the author turned for half an hour and found that there was no consumer in the large exhibition hall, and even some stores had no sales staff. The author saw that many mahogany furniture here have been sold with special labels. The original price of 200,000 coffee tables is currently 100,000, and mahogany furniture like this is 50% off. The author saw the most price reduction is this set of red rosewood sofa, the original price of 900,000, now hit the price of about 30%.

Although the price of mahogany furniture has been adjusted back by nearly 70%, consumers are still discouraged.

Zhang Hongchao, a Beijing-based mahogany furniture seller, said that consumers can't accept it because we all have friends. My friend bought a piece of furniture last year and bought it for tens of thousands of dollars. This year has become hundreds of thousands, and I am watching, I am watching. During the wait-and-see period, market demand has fallen.

The mahogany furniture market officially announced the cold winter, and the timber market as the source is also difficult to be independent. In the Dongba timber market, the largest wholesale base of mahogany raw materials in the north, mahogany raw materials have begun to reduce in size. The situation in the market is the same as in the mahogany furniture market. The author stayed in the market for two hours, but did not see a car that pulled the goods.

Without business, the turnover of timber sellers plummeted. It is understood that the sales of the merchants in the Dongba Redwood Market have been halved in the past two months.

Beijing Redwood raw materials told the author that the monthly sales amounted to several million yuan, five or six million, four or five million, and a little less, then two or three million.

Some businesses that operate high-end mahogany raw materials are even more indifferent. Li Guanghuai is a big player in this market. He has been operating the lobular rosewood in mahogany for more than 10 years. He currently has 40 tons of lobular rosewood in his hand. He is helpless in talking about today's business.

Li Honghuai, a Beijing-based mahogany raw material supplier, said that there is almost no sales. Now I am looking at home at home, waiting for the price of the coming year, and waiting for the market in the coming year. The price of lobular rosewood in 2009 was 200,000, and the highest point in the first half of this year has exceeded 1 million. In just two years, the price has increased five times. However, the lobular rosewood, which has been relatively firm in price this year, has also begun to fall.

Second, the price of mahogany remains high

As an end market, Beijing prices have plummeted. Whether it is mahogany furniture or logs, there is an endless stream of cold. As the famous redwood distribution center in the country, Guangxi Dongxing is still playing a big red wooden card. On December 15th, Dongxing just held a grand mahogany culture festival.

Here is the Guangxi Dongxing Redwood Trading Market. The price of mahogany furniture has dropped significantly in recent times. The original set of rosewood sofas can sell 150,000 yuan, and now sells up to 130,000 yuan. According to industry insiders, not only in Dongxing, Guangxi, but also in many markets such as Guangzhou, Dongyang, and Xianyou in Fujian, the prices of finished products [new news price type reviews] have also been adjusted.

Li Dongming, chairman of Baiye Dongxing Furniture City, told the author that there may be about 10-15% adjustment here, but in some markets and stores in other provinces, the adjustment range is relatively large, and some may fall by 30%-40%. .

However, the decline in prices did not lead to an increase in purchasing power. In the mahogany market, the author found that there are many people who come here to see furniture, but there are not many people who actually buy it. Many merchants also admitted that the recent transaction volume has dropped by 30-40% compared with the first half of the year, and some merchants' sales have even stopped completely.
As the general manager of Dongxing Yongfeng mahogany furniture, Chen Xifeng told the author that the friends who originally said that after September to buy furniture and customers have stopped, there is no time to come.

The insiders told me that after October, the sales season of mahogany furniture was the peak season, but this year's business was surprisingly deserted, and often a set of mahogany furniture could not be sold in a week. Compared with the current deserted, the sales of mahogany furniture photographed by the author in April this year is indeed another scene. At that time, many people bought mahogany furniture not only for use, but also the collection of mahogany furniture and even another way of investing in addition to stocks and home purchases.

Consumers told the author that they have been bullish on mahogany furniture. Now he said that the money seems to be somewhat inflationary now, because people like us are all engaged in this business. They all know that they want to buy this. This can be appreciated. We have a large amount this time, because we are used in office space, and if it is so, it will cost millions.

This huanghuali wood is three meters long, 45 cm in diameter and weighs 300 kg.

Liang Qiming, deputy general manager of Hainan Province Yongan Group, said that such a large market in Hainan should be tens of thousands of dollars.

Ten years ago, this yellow pear was worth 180,000. In April 2011, its price was about 6 million yuan, and it rose nearly 33 times in ten years.

This is not an exception. A 90cm long, 30cm wide and 120cm high carved lobular rosewood table has a price of 5 million. An antique yellow pear cabinet at the end of the Ming and Qing dynasties costs 10 million.

As the secretary of the Hainan Provincial Furniture Association, Ma Zhenya told the author that the raw materials started from the second half of 2010, and it is rising all the way, and it is a rebound, that is, we are familiar with the red rosewood, and its price has risen until this year. 4 times.

However, the price of mahogany that has leaped forward has recently turned in the direction. Some merchants told the author that the redwood raw materials began to decline in size in December. Compared with October, Laos rosewood has dropped from 200,000 yuan/ton to 150,000 yuan/ton, and lobular rosewood has dropped from 1.2 million yuan/ton. 900,000 yuan / ton. The overall price of redwood raw materials fell by 15%-20%.

Chen Xifeng, general manager of Dongxing Yongfeng mahogany furniture, said that there are several reasons for the main reason. First, the red rosewood soared in the first half of the year, and it suddenly rose from tens of thousands of dollars to more than 100,000, and it should stop. There are other reasons, that is, our Chinese prices are rising, and that stocks are falling.

Chen Xifeng told us that with the changes in the overall economy, many buyers of mahogany furniture are getting more and more tight on hand, and they are beginning to become more careful, and they are becoming more cautious about the purchase of mahogany furniture. A lot of other businesses are shrinking. He doesn't have that leisure, and there is no spare cash to buy this mahogany furniture, so the purchasing power is not as strong as the previous half. On the other hand, about 80%-90% of the businesses that are currently engaged in the business of mahogany raw materials have loans, ranging from three to five million yuan to more than ten million yuan, many of which rely on private lending. Affected by the country's suppression of inflation and the tightening of the monetary policy, the current year is approaching, the economic environment continues to be sluggish, and some loans are large. The small enterprises that have not been able to turn over their funds can't keep up, so they have to cut prices to sell back.

As the chairman of Dongxing Yongfeng Redwood Furniture, Huang Zhiquan told the author that the reason for the price of rosewood is that in our small Chinese enterprises, the financial crisis of 2008, many of their small businesses have gone bankrupt, so now they feel a little bit In the case that the source of goods cannot be climbed, it is time to throw out the source of supply.

Small businesses can't hold back. Are big companies and businesses that have accumulated a lot of wood still sitting still? In a large mahogany processing plant in Dongxing City, the author saw that a large amount of logs were piled up in the yard of the factory. Ren Guicheng, the boss of the company, told the author that most of these logs were imported when the price went up before the first half of this year. The price of redwood fell in two months, and he stopped buying.

Ren Guicheng, executive director of Dongxing Jianghai Redwood Craft Co., Ltd. said that these are also ours this year. This is a rosewood, a rosewood log, a red rosewood in Laos. Now the price is not stable. You have to reserve a little, so you don't have to bear such a big market risk.

The boss told the author that the logs stored in the entire plant area are about 6-7 tons, mostly rosewood and rosewood. Due to the relatively high prices of raw materials imported in the past period of time, coupled with the increase in labor costs this year, the price of finished furniture is relatively high. However, despite the recent sales blockage, he is still waiting for the opportunity, not eager to cut prices.

Later, the author came to his storeroom with a redwood boss. He is one of the largest log dealers in Dongxing City. Today, there is an old customer who came here to see the goods.

The boss told the author that nowadays, the more powerful big companies and businesses are insisting on sticking their teeth. The former money tree has become a hot potato.

Log dealers said that before September of this year, there were about 200 tons. This year may also be affected by other industries, such as the impact of real estate. Especially in the past two months, it is more difficult to sell.

However, for the current situation, some buyers are still optimistic about the next year's mahogany market, and still take the opportunity to bargain.

Fujian merchants said that now we come over and think that the price will be lower now, and we will go back a little. 3 months ago, the sour stick was like a 20 cm large one. It was 100,000 pieces, and now it has fallen to 80,000. However, it will still go up. Like 2008, it also fell a bit. Later, it still rose quite a lot.

Third, a large number of redwood varieties enter the Chinese market

Huanghua pear has soared 33 times in ten years. Even since 2010, the red rosewood has soared four times. This sharp rise has caused many people to enter the industry without hesitation. But the continuous decline since this year has begun to make people unable to see through this market. The price of redwood fell, some people were anxious to shoot, and some people wanted to take the opportunity to pick up the goods, hoping that the price of redwood would rise again like in 2010. In fact, the surge in rosewood prices began officially in 2005, and one of the reasons for the surge was the scarcity of raw materials.

Collector Zhang Yanhong told the author that this is a red rosewood, this is the current product. This imitation of the sample of the past court, this last year was about 1.6 million, and now only affected by the market environment is worth 700,800,000.

Zhang Yanhong is a collector in Beijing. She began collecting redwood classical furniture five years ago. In the ups and downs of the price of redwood, he also tasted the sweetness of investment in the band. However, several sets of mahogany furniture bought last year were in their hands.

Not only Zhang Yanhong, in the process of falling prices of mahogany classical furniture, Han Qizhen, who specializes in the management of mahogany classical furniture and calligraphy and painting porcelain in Beijing Antique City, also deeply felt the depreciation of classical mahogany furniture.

Han Qizhen told the author that I was auctioned in 2009. According to the measurement of the auction market, if I shoot this spring, the value of the set is equal to more than two million. Looking at it now, it is at 1.78 million. Therefore, there are still some obvious declines. These Ming and Qing dynasty mahogany classical furniture were bought back from Poly [introduction], but in the current market, the price is shrinking. The 1.1 million yuan Qing Dynasty circle chair has now shrunk to 90. Ten thousand yuan.

Collector Zhang Yanhong said that they are now selling, because everyone thinks that these things have no profit, we have to stay a part, sell a part, and sell the situation every day to pay attention to the market. It’s not that I’m throwing it all out today. I can throw one or two pieces today and throw one or two pieces tomorrow. This gradually steps through the process of throwing.

In Zhang Yanhong's view, the price drop of mahogany furniture has been over-hyped for many years. The price of the mahogany raw materials and furniture, the short selling, the high-selling and other stock markets in the stock market to raise the price of mahogany, so that the market The price has deviated far from the real value of mahogany, and the price bubble of mahogany furniture is at a time when it is shattered.

Zhang Hongchao, a Beijing-based mahogany furniture dealer, told the author that Huanghuali has grown from more than 40,000 yuan a ton to more than 6 million yuan a ton. It is the period of this decade that is equivalent to a 150-fold increase in materials.

The Zhang Zichao, which manages mahogany furniture, entered the field in 2002, when the price of rosewood began to rise, and could not withstand the temptation of redwoods that continued to rise in price. He told the author that when I suddenly rose to 600,000 tons, I was particularly unacceptable at that time, but I thought it would fall. But every year is rising, the previous year was 1.2 million, two million, this year is six million, this huanghuali. Red rosewood, then suddenly rose in 2007, the original in 2007 from more than 10,000 yuan, 20,000 yuan a ton, rose to more than 100,000, and then fell to the second half of 2008. After a while, it has bounced back and may have surpassed the peak of 2007.

A lot of hot money participated in the process of redwood speculation, pushing the price of redwood to rise geometrically. However, starting from May this year, with the escalation of the European debt crisis, the regulation of the property market and the downturn of the stock market, hot money began to withdraw from the mahogany market.

Collector Zhang Yanhong said that the stock market is the same. Because his market is to have funds to support, the funds are gone, the market will collapse. Everyone is going to jump off the building and sell it.

So is the mahogany as a scarce resource as the merchants say, and it is on the verge of extinction?

Collector Zhang Yanhong told the author that this raw material is not scarce because his raw materials are widely distributed throughout the world, including Vietnam, Laos, the Philippines and Africa.

Beijing's mahogany furniture dealer Zhang Zichao said that China's possession of materials may be the most extravagant in the world. All the good woods have come to China, not only in Southeast Asia, but even in Africa.

With the rising prices of redwoods in the previous period, the resources of the main mahogany producing areas of Vietnam, Laos, the Philippines and Africa have entered China in large quantities, which has further worsened the mahogany market. The General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine and the National Standardization Administration will announce the "General Technical Conditions for Redwood Furniture" in the near future. More high-quality redwood species will be added to the original mahogany ranks, which will further bring more to the mahogany market. The coolness.

As the researcher of the Palace Museum of the Palace Museum, Zhou Jingnan told the author that it is equal to his original range, the original five subordinates and thirty-three types, most of which are concentrated in several Asian regions around China. Then, once this new standard is introduced, it may increase many species in the Americas and Africa. It may be that the mahogany storage at that time will be very large, which is spectacular.

Although the standard has not yet been announced, Zhou Jingnan told us that the new mahogany standard will greatly increase the supply of mahogany, possibly increasing from the current 33 varieties to hundreds. It is said that it may be coming out in August next year. The scope of possible new standards will then be significantly expanded. That is to say, at the time, the mahogany was such a luxury for the enjoyment of the official. If this standard comes out, it may be accepted by ordinary people. In the old days, Wang Xietang Qianyan flew into the homes of ordinary people. It was originally high, and the mahogany furniture placed on the platform of the gods gradually fell off the platform. Then close to our ordinary people. At that time, ordinary people may be able to buy their favorite traditional furniture culture at a relatively low price.

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