Stealing the "Princess of Huaiyu"

The beautiful artist Zheng Jiaxuan has performed "TV Princess Yuhuai", "No. 8 pawn shop", "Come on! Xiaohui" and other TV series. Although it has been lightly mature, the skin is more lustrous, and it usually does not make up when going out. Light makeup, bright complexion, a lot of young girls. Zheng Jiaxuan relies on the body's environmental beauty method to change the body and try to stay away from cosmetics. The skin care products are based on the natural principle. We asked her to share the beauty secrets of rejuvenation.

Happy health beauty method

Zheng Jiaxuan said that her secret is not to change her life greatly. The best way to maintain her health is to achieve only 70% of her healthy life. The remaining 30% can still maintain the original pace and habits, such as normal work and 5 days a week, healthy eating, and the rest. 2 days can still sleep later, eat a big meal, maintain a happy and unpressed mood, let the hormone slowly change, is the right way of beauty.

Stealing the "Princess of Huaiyu"

As for the diet, she changed her diet to health food. She personally preferred the Chinese side and organic ingredients. When she went there to take the TV series "Juvenile Jiaqing" in the Mainland for the past two years, she was found by the staff to fill her suitcase with health food. Chinese herbal medicines such as medlar, human mites, tea, and red dates are prepared by themselves, which shows their persistence in health treatment.

Three meals principle

Three meals have principles, breakfast: eat enough, try to eat only whole wheat toast, fruit, oatmeal, soy milk, soy milk raw soybeans, soy isoflavones and other female estrogen, have the effect of adjusting female hormones and anti-aging, so Zheng Jiaxuan will have a drink every morning; Chinese food: full, 1~1.5 hours walk after dinner; dinner: hardly eat, or reduce starchy food. Zheng Jiaxuan believes that to maintain health thoroughly, it is also necessary to stay away from unnatural environmental factors such as electromagnetic waves, so she does not use induction cookers, microwave ovens to heat food at home, and cook rice cookers and gas stoves. Zheng Jiaxuan believes that Chinese traditional dishes often contain more salt and monosodium glutamate. It is easy to open appetite and control the amount of food. It is also easy to get fat when using too white powder, so she tries to make light Japanese dishes or simple-cooked Western dishes. In order to encourage yourself to drink plenty of water, Zheng Jiaxuan suggested that you can carry a beautiful drink that you like to drink with you.

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