Refuse to be a "cold beauty" 12 strokes to moisturize the winter

When a woman arrives in winter, she will feel chilly and become a "cold beauty." As everyone knows, "cold beauty" makes women have no sense of beauty. The coldness in the body will bring great harm to women. The cold hands and feet and the sallow sallow are the biggest problems faced by women in winter. How to make the body's blood circulation speed up and warm up the body? The following small series teaches you 12 tricks to let you live and nourish and moisturize the winter.

"Cold beauty" physique - not only cold hands and feet, but also cold body Chinese medicine tricks: for the yang deficiency type body cold, Yang Yang cold if you not only cold hands and feet, but the whole body is cold, I am afraid that the body is not enough. Yangqi is the heat source of the body. It plays a role of heating and warming in the body. When the yang is sufficient, the blood will spread these hot cloths along the large and small meridians, including the ends of the limbs - the hands and feet.
"Cold beauty" physique - cold hands and feet, the body is not too cold TCM tricks: for the meridian obstruction body cold, Shu Chang meridian cold. If you are just cold hands and feet, not too cold, often depressed, have symptoms of breast hyperplasia, you may be meridian. Many times, the meridians in the body will be poorly operated due to various effects of emotions and pressures, and then the yang and heat energy of the blood transport will be blocked, so that the body surface and the hands and feet are cold.
"Cold beauty" physique - cold hands and feet, pale face, dry skin Chinese medicine tricks: for blood deficiency type body cold, blood circulation to keep warm If you are cold in addition to hands and feet, there are pale or dull, low volume, easy to dizzy, skin The symptoms of dryness, you may be insufficient blood supply. Blood is the carrier of transporting yang or heat. If the blood supply is insufficient, only the vital organs can be used for blood. The distal body surface and hands and feet do not have sufficient blood supply, which makes the body feel cold. Supplementing blood supply and letting blood flow adequately is the fundamental principle of this type of person's protection against cold.
Winter is no longer a "cold beauty"
12 strokes warm body moisturizing winter 1, eating Yangyang food such food intake into the body, through the simple transformation of the spleen and stomach is easy to become yang, the most suitable meat in Yangyang food is beef, lamb, chicken, the most suitable seasoning is Ginger and green onion, the most suitable vegetable is potato, the best drink is black tea. Foods that supplement yang do not need to be eaten at one time. They can be eaten together every day. After a period of time, you can feel that the problem of cold hands and feet has been alleviated.
2, hot water bath foot on our feet, there are 66 in the acupuncture points, about 1/10 of the body acupuncture points, soaking the feet in hot water, can promote the meridians and blood circulation of the whole body, improve the winter cold hands and feet symptom. If you can add some medicines such as star anise, safflower, cinnamon, ginger and other hot herbs, the effect will be better.
3, conditioning the spleen and stomach Chinese medicine believes that "spleen and stomach is the source of qi and blood biochemistry", that is to say, only the spleen and stomach are strong, can we convert the food we eat into the blood we need to support the whole body. Therefore, sometimes eating pure blood food is not as effective as eating foods that regulate the spleen and stomach. In winter, you can choose some warm spleen foods, such as pumpkin, yam, medlar, and ganoderma lucidum.
4, eat more blood foods such as gelatin jujube, gelatin and jujube have a good blood effect, processing them together, can make the role of blood more obvious. Do not eat too much, eat 5 to 8 pieces between meals every day, at this time, our body has a good ability to digest and absorb, can absorb the ingredients of blood in the gelatin jujube to better use.
5, rolling method massage blood sea points, Sanyinjiao points Here is acupuncture points and meridians to help blood. There are eight basic techniques in Chinese medicine massage. We recommend using the rolling method. Use a small glass bottle or a small rolling pin to press and roll around the acupuncture points with moderate weight. This is more effective than ordinary massage.
Blood Sea Acupoint Location: The inside of the thigh, 2 inches on the medial end of the sacral floor, as the bulge of the medial head of the quadriceps.
Location of Sanyinjiao: The highest point of the internal hemorrhoid is up to 4 horizontal fingers, and the posterior margin of the inner side of the humerus.
6, half an hour a day exercise The human body is always in a dynamic balance, especially blood. Only by first pulling the domestic demand, the exercise consumes blood, and the body is in a state of mild blood deficiency, so that the various departments of our body can coordinate and start to produce blood, so that the blood can make up. The best way to pull the body's inner needs is to exercise slightly, not much, and half an hour a day is enough.
7, yoga lotus sitting in the normal sitting position, bend the left leg, the left foot of the instep of the right thigh in the groin, hands on the left knee, gently elastically move the left knee up and down several times, so that the knees touch the ground as much as possible. Repeat the action on the right leg. Persist in practicing this movement to move multiple ligaments, so that the muscles of the whole body are fully stretched and the meridians are kept smooth.
8, eat more comfortable and meridian foods Many aromatic foods have a soothing effect, while at the same time can clearly clear the meridians, so that the circulation of blood in the meridians is naturally smooth, let the warm yang spread throughout the body. For example, roses, mint, add them to three meals, not only good color, fragrant smell, but also a good Shu Jingluo effect.
9, combing a hundred times in ancient times called "burly". Use your fingers or comb from the front of the forehead to the back of the pillow, and comb the hair from the crotch to the top of the head, 50 to 100 times each time. It is the best time to comb the hair after getting up in the morning. Chinese medicine believes that all the meridians of the human body are concentrated in the head. When combing the hair, they must pass through nearly 50 acupoints such as Mei Chong, Tongtian, Baihui, Yintang, Jade Pillow, and Fengchi, so that these acupuncture points are stimulated to promote blood circulation of the scalp. Dredge the meridians.

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