Black skin MM makeup tips

White skin is of course a gift from God, but for some women who are born with darker and darker skin, is it helpless? Of course not, skin black can not only use skin care to whiten, but also use makeup techniques to reach you. The effect you want. Next, let's take a look at the content of the article. It is a must-have 4-step makeup technique.


1. Master the correct makeup skills for applying foundation

How to make a black dress, look good, you need to master the correct makeup method of applying foundation. The method of applying foundation is to use the middle finger on the face, then gently tap it to make it evenly natural. Pay attention to the eye socket, the sides of the nose, and the corner of the mouth. If you are in a subtle place, you should take a special shot, not too thick or wiped. What are the makeup techniques for skin black?


2, apply the foundation in order

The order of applying the foundation can be from the forehead, cheeks, chin, nose, eyes, mouth, don't forget to apply some on the exposed parts of the hair, ears, neck, etc., and make a transition from rich to light.

3, the makeup powder on the neck for the black MM, must pay attention to the neck is also to apply the foundation, or will appear white face black neck phenomenon, after applying the foundation on the neck to apply a little makeup powder In order to avoid rubbing off the foundation, keep these makeup tips in mind.


4, remove the floating surface of the skin

What makeup techniques do you use to grow black? After applying the foundation, gently wipe the surface of the foundation with a clean soft paper to make the foundation and skin adhere.

Xiaobian's message: Black skin is generally dull. If you use some bright white foundation to make the skin more lustrous and more transparent, black beauty should keep in mind these make-up techniques.

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