Special dry muscle is not afraid of winter recommended 6 super nourishing cream

The dry and cold winter has come quietly, and the skin of the face begins to slowly dry and even peel off, losing the sun. Winter can't let our skin hibernate together. Do you choose a moisturizing cream for your delicate skin? Today's assessment lab has collected 6 winter super nourishing creams for you to see who is better.
Choose a moisturizing cream that will protect our delicate skin. Even the ultra-dry muscles don't have to worry about dry and cold winters. Here are the strengths of the following six creams, let us take a look!

Moisturizing lotion

Benefit Brightening Moisturizing Cream RMB 380/48.2g
Moisturizing effect: ★★★★☆
Moisturizing effect: It can be obtained from experimental data. Before use, the skin moisture value is 33.0%. The skin is in a state of dryness and water shortage. Immediately after use, the moisture value increases by 57%. The hydration effect is very obvious. After 1 hour, the water value drops. Up to 52%. It can be seen that the Benefit Brightening Moisturizing Deep Moisturizing Cream has an immediate hydrating effect, and the water-locking effect is equally surprising. As it is said, it gives the skin a thirst-quenching special drink.
Evaluation Editor's Comments: Benefit bright women's deep moisturizing cream texture is slightly thick, radiant and bright, the smell is fresh and elegant. From the aspect of moisturizing, its hydrating effect is outstanding, it can lock the moisture and help the skin to return to the tender state; it has excellent performance in improving the skin quality, so that the skin's tenderness is effectively improved, and the skin is moisturized and powerful. The hydrating effect.
Estee Lauder Red Pomegranate Night Cream RMB 620/50ml
Moisturizing effect: ★★★★
Moisturizing effect: The skin is dry before use, the skin texture is obvious, the triangle area is not swollen enough, and when the night cream is applied to the skin, the fine and smooth texture completely fits the skin, so that the skin instantly has a different moist feeling, and the skin water after use The score increased by 15.5%. After 1 hour, the skin moisture value only decreased by 8%, and the skin triangle area was still fine and delicate.
Evaluation Editor's Comments: Estee Lauder Red Pomegranate Night Cream is excellent in both the moisturizing effect and the antioxidant effect on the skin feel. It not only has the instant moisturizing power of the mask, but also accelerates the metabolism of the skin and accelerates the renewal of skin cells. After application, the skin instantly swells and is delicate. It will have a greasy feel when applied. It can be combined with massage to promote absorption. It is suitable for dry skin in autumn and winter.
Ke Yan's High Moisturizing Cream RMB 290/50ml
Moisturizing effect: ★★★
Moisturizing effect: As shown in the experiment results, the skin moisture value before use is 40.5%, the skin is dry and dehydrated, the instant moisture value is 53.0% after use, the instant moisture value is increased by 12.5%, and the instant water replenishing ability In general, MM with severe skin water shortage needs to be tested with hydrating essence to achieve the desired effect.
Evaluation Editor's Comments: Ke Yan's high moisturizing cream texture is white creamy, delicate and moist, with good ductility, can effectively nourish the skin. This moisturizing cream has good antioxidant properties, which can form a protective layer on the skin and delay skin aging. In terms of moisturizing properties, Kie's High Moisturizing Cream has a good instant moisturizing effect and is suitable for use in moderately dry skin.
Clinique water magnetic field deep moisturizing moisturizing cream RMB 450/50ml
Moisturizing effect: ★★★☆
Moisturizing effect: It can be seen from the evaluation data that the instant moisturizing effect of this repairing cream is medium, which is 13% more than the water value before use; but after three hours, the water value does not decrease but increases to 51%. High, this moisturizing cream can help the skin to absorb the moisture in the air. This product has excellent long-lasting moisturizing effect. Suitable for dry and dehydrated skin.
Evaluation Editor's Comments: Clinique's water magnetic field deep moisturizing moisturizing cream excellent long-lasting moisturizing effect is impressive, although its instant moisturizing power is not outstanding, but after 3 hours, the skin moisture value is as high as 51%, which proves that moisturizing cream can help The skin grabs moisture from the air and keeps the skin hydrated. In general, this moisturizer is suitable for dry skin MM moisturizing in autumn and winter.
Paula Jane Special Moisturizing Conditioning Cream RMB 260/60ml
Moisturizing effect: ★★★☆
Moisturizing effect: The skin moisture value is 32% before use, and the skin is dry and dehydrated. The instant moisture value after use is 45%, indicating that the instant water replenishment ability is good. After one hour, the water value is 41.5%, which can also effectively lock the moisture in the skin.
Evaluation Editor's Comments: Paula Jane's Moisturizing Conditioning Cream has a strong moisturizing power and can continuously give the skin a comfortable and supple effect. In addition, strong antioxidant properties help the skin from oxidative aging. Its refreshing effect is general, it takes a long time for the skin to absorb, and its skin improvement ability is not ideal.
Clarins Hengrun Moisturizer RMB 490/50ml
Moisturizing effect: ★★★☆
Moisturizing effect: It can be seen from the experimental data that the instant moisture value increases by 14.5%, and the instant moisturizing effect is very obvious; after 2 hours, the value drops by 5%, the falling speed is faster, and the water lock effect is general. Overall, this moisturizing cream has a long-lasting moisturizing effect.
Evaluation Editor's Comments: Clarins Hengrun Moisturizing Cream has excellent hydrating performance and water retention performance is acceptable. Surprisingly, this product has excellent antioxidant properties in antioxidant experiments, which can prevent free radicals from invading the skin and effectively prevent skin aging. After the real person has tried it, it can effectively improve the lack of water and dullness of the original skin, and the repairing ability is good. The texture is fine, thick and malleable, and needs to be applied with patience. In general, it is a comprehensive performance moisturizer.

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