Home industry network sales trend analysis

Along with the rise of the Internet, many merchants sell their products through the Internet, and many home brands gradually realize this and start to divide the profit of the e-commerce platform. At present, well-known home furnishing companies such as Qumei, Shengxiang, Nature, Cool Manju, Ruibao Wallpaper, Huaneli Lijia, Ximengbao, TATA Wooden Door, etc. have begun to test e-commerce, and emerging online sales are competing for enterprises in the market. Share and escort. However, the limitations of the logistics and specifications of the home industry, and many car 4S stores want to sell cars through the network, earning only a gimmick, the effect of advertising is more obvious, the actual sales performance will not be ideal.

So far, the furniture industry has entered the online shopping market. At present, online furniture e-commerce websites are divided into three categories: the first category is based on the website established by the physical store furniture store, such as Red Star Macalline; the second category is that there are manufacturers and have certain Well-known brands, set up furniture online stores, on the one hand to promote the brand, on the other hand to increase a sales channel, such as Qumei; the third category is neither a physical store nor a brand, independent website platform, and with Some furniture brands have established mutual cooperation and cooperation.

At present, some home furnishing companies sell a lot of products through online channels, but the overall industry is still not feasible, why?

First: The habit of people purchasing large and large amounts of goods online has not yet been developed.

Second: the lack of talent for home-based businesses in Internet promotion, not every home store owner has the ability to recruit the right talent, especially in how to invest reasonable money in a reasonable place, many people are difficult to determine The big brands can use their own brand advantages to attract customers, and how many unnamed brands do?

Third: the defects of household products in logistics, clothing, books, PC products can be carried out by off-site transportation, but household products are very difficult, you can not go to Beijing to buy a sofa to Guangzhou, the cost of logistics will be better than The cost of the sofa is high.

At present, group purchases are extremely hot. Many group-buying websites are also very interested in the home furnishing industry. Some companies sell some products through group purchases, but they are not ideal. The reason why the people who buy the group buys the core is the price, which can only be cheap through the home. Several models to carry out the promotion, the group purchase network and extract commissions from it, the original profit is only 10, may be extracted by the group purchase network 8, more fatal is that the group purchase network to the merchants after the end of the group purchase activities, the merchants not only receive To the money, but also to post logistics costs, and unreasonable, many games like this game are not willing to continue to play, businesses are actually spending money on group buy online advertising is the same, attracting popularity, not making money, It’s the status quo of many companies and group purchase cooperation.

But is there a good way to solve this problem? Tang Long plans to think that when the business and group purchase are in cooperation, the group purchase website only sells the merchant's discount coupon to the customer, indicating which products can be purchased at a discount, after sale and The logistics aspect is handed over to the merchant to solve, so that the customer can be attracted to a certain business, and the effect of the precise advertisement is achieved, so that the group purchase company earns the advertising fee, the merchant earns the money and the customer group, and the customer also obtains the benefit. This business model can last for a long time.

Many merchants see other brands selling their products through the Internet, and also imitating them. They open their own stores online. The sales performance in the back shop has not been satisfactory. They don’t care about the website. It’s the easiest thing to do things that you are not good at. Failed, the home business is the same for the Internet. A website no matter how beautiful your decoration is, how affordable the price is. If no one sees it, it will lose its meaning. Do you think that it is still prosperous to open a big supermarket in the wilderness? In the street, a small supermarket to make money? In the network, many people make such mistakes, they learned to open a supermarket, but will not promote, no one rely on what to make money?

So these things are handed over to a dedicated network company, don't do it yourself, because you don't confirm whether this will really work. What strategies can the merchant use to sell online? Tang Long plans suggestions, merchants You can cooperate with professional home websites to be their suppliers. We pay them a certain advertising fee and help us bring actual customers. They take advantage of their network and take advantage of each other. The effect will be very good. It’s like a company colleague doing the division of labor in different positions. If the person who wants to do the sales is going to do the finances, it will definitely cause problems. If the financial colleagues are going to do the sales, the company may have no income, so they will take the directors. Can play the most important role. If the size of the company is relatively large, you can recruit a network promotion team to conduct marketing, similar to the current rise of Vanke, Vipshop, Lancome and so on together with Taobao to divide the market. Make bigger and stronger in a certain subdivision.

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