Double-layered eyeliner makeup T-stage new makeup

I have painted eyeliners for many years. Although I have started, have I thought about changing the way? Today's hot double-layered eyeliner on the T-stage is no secret. Today, our new makeup will teach you how to draw a double-layered eyeliner, which will definitely enlarge your eyes immediately.

New style double eyeliner

Double eyeliner makeup T station new makeup

In the winter, the lower eyeliner can be painted in silver and white, although it looks thicker, but it is very early in the winter with a turtleneck sweater and a thick coat, the color, the twinkle and the dark eyeliner are also the most often painted in autumn and winter. The black-and-brown eye shadow is perfect, and the stealing effect is just right, just like a light is lit up at the moment.

Double eyeliner makeup


The best way to highlight the shiny eyeliner is to use all other eye shadows and eyeliners except matte, low-key, cinnamon-colored eye shadows to fill the entire eyelids and brow bones.

Double eyeliner makeup T station new makeup


Press your finger to the edge of the eyebrow at the end of the eye, and then draw a black-stained triangle at the end of the eye with the brow bone as the boundary. This is the finishing touch of the outline, and the flat eye becomes instantly sunken.

Double bottom eyeliner modeling step

Double eyeliner makeup T station new makeup


It is more convenient to maintain a clear layered border by first drawing the common eyeliner and then filling the silver, so as to avoid the silver particles when the black eyeliner is drawn, which affects the contrast of pearlescence and matt. Micro-yang chin draws a black eyeliner just to leave a blank, remember that the eye should not be completely closed, otherwise you can not fill the silver eyeliner.


Pull down the eyelids slightly, and use the eyeliner to close the eyelashes to fill the silver eyeliner. There are no gaps in the eyes and eyes.

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