A woman in love with a scent

Ms. Chanel's speech has always been concerned about the world, and in these shocking words, I personally like this sentence: a woman who does not rub the perfume has no future.

If you're a woman who is addicted to perfume, I'm afraid I strongly agree with it. Those women who never thought of turning themselves into a bundle of roses or a grapefruit can only say that their "Future" is not the same as our definition.

A person who is addicted to perfume must be addicted to buy perfume, because the person who really uses the perfume cannot use only one perfume for a lifetime, just as if a true lover could not wear only one type of clothing for a lifetime. Of course, their desire for perfumes did not rise to the realm of false favorites. The so-called infatuation with fragrance and the enthusiasm for perfume bottles boil down to only two words: possession.

A woman who buys a knit sweater or a new winter coat in a shopping mall like the Pacific Ocean will never become a crazy shopper. He drinks a lunch in a cafeteria or McDonald's every day, and he does not want a high-class French restaurant. Sisters who start their careers will never become crazy shoppers. Women who do not feel love for their loved ones do not feel like they don’t feel the same to the beautiful men who pass by the street. They will never become crazy buyers. By.

Those who truly love scent must have decisively good taste and a rough throwing spirit. They also have a keen sense of all kinds of beautiful things and lazy eyes. Their cabinets store a variety of fragrances. All kinds of memories are used every day to make them evaporate quietly in the air. At the crucial moment, they will also let these scattered molecules suffocate you with their violent taste.

The real love of incense people is not always the casual use of perfume sent by others, people who stick to the lungs may not know the taste of the most posted, let alone relatives in order to send people from foreign department stores to buy gifts. There is a traditional saying that women only use perfume sent by men, but that is only a good excuse for women who can’t bear to spend their money on buying perfume.

It is said that after using this type of perfume, the scent will be preserved for a lifetime to witness love, but some people's light will retain the erroneous smell of life.

A pair of men and women who really love perfume will know that sending perfumes to each other just doesn’t respect each other’s behavior. Until they become couples, they still split their heads to buy their favorite perfumes, bottle after bottle, and store them separately in two cupboards. However, when it is used, any bottle in this cupboard can naturally find another bottle that can match it in another cupboard.

Fiberglass Sofas

The first furniture items was carved in stone and after that wood was used for many years. Actually wood still is the favorite material of furniture manufacturers, but since we live in a modern age where technology is very much advanced, it is only natural to have access to all kinds of other materials than the natural ones. So once people invented plastic and synthetic materials, they opened the door for their use in different fields such as furniture manufacturing.

Fibreglass is a composite material made of fine glass fibres woven into a cloth, then bonded together with a synthetic plastic. Fibreglass furniture is not only good to look at but is also highly functional. The advantage of using fibreglass furniture is its strength and lightness. Fiberglass is resistant to all weathers, the colours will not fade.

Fiberglass Sofas

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