Cryovac® Dri-Loc® Cushion Packaging

   The Compression Pack liner package is a compact package for Cryovac Dri-Loc® absorbent pads. Using this package can greatly save space and increase the efficiency of transportation and warehousing. The packaging is made from flexible packaging materials. Compression Packs use less material and produce less waste than cartons that were originally used to package Cryovac Dri-Loc® absorbent pads.

Grill Basket

BEST GRILL ACCESSORY for barbecuing small foods like onions, peppers, mushrooms and shrimp
EASY to USE - Curved handles allows for easy carrying. Use as Wok pan to stir fry chopped chicken, beef or pork. Nothing beats great smoky BBQ flavor.
KEEPS FOOD INSIDE - Raised edges prevents food from escaping. Perfectly sized grill holes (a little bigger than a pencil eraser) allows heat and smoke to pass through without letting food run away.
HEAVY DUTY COOKWARE - 100% Stainless steel. Retain heat and cooks food fast. Great for Camping!
Grill BasketGrill TopperNon Stick Grill Topper

Grill Basket

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