Modified starch is the main adhesive for warp sizing

Modified starch is one of the main adhesives for the warp sizing of textile mills. The annual dosage in China is more than 16 million tons (including starch). The top of the three too slurry. The quality of the modified starch slurry directly affects the sizing quality and the slurry cost. There are many types and manufacturers of modified starch on the market. The quality is different, in order to make the textile mill can choose the good quality, good performance slurry, to improve the sizing quality and loom efficiency, cost savings. It is necessary to formulate scientific and reasonable industrial quality standards for modified starches and other pulps commonly used in textiles. This not only plays a positive role in regulating the textile pulp market and promoting the improvement of pulp quality, but also serves as the basis for textile mills to check the quality of pulp and safeguard their legitimate rights and interests. To this end, China Cotton Textile Industry Association is based on research and experiments. Based on the principle of science, rationality, and practicality, combined with the requirements for warp sizing in textile mills, the industry standard for the quality of modified starch used in textiles was formulated. Wells issued a trial draft for this standard in November 2000.

The quality indicators of commonly used modified starches can be divided into general quality indicators and characteristic quality indicators. The common quality index is the quality index for all kinds of modified starch. It includes moisture, ash, protein, spots, fineness, pit value, acidity, viscosity, and thermal viscosity fluctuation rate. This article mainly analyzes and discusses common quality indicators that have a greater impact on sizing and sizing quality.

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